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Carlton Associates & Career News | November 17, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Hands On with Carlton Leadership

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” – Jim Rohn

As we continue to celebrate American Education Week, we take a moment to share with you our 2018 Carlton Leadership class and showcase their clinical class session that they completed earlier this year at our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento Community. These professionals all applied from the 11 Carlton Senior Living communities, were interviewed and then selected to embark on a new journey. This class is an intensified program, which offers each individual vast opportunity to grow as a leader in their current role and to expand their horizons on next steps within their career at Carlton. Gaining insight during their exposure to various departments helps them learn the operational aspects of what it takes to lead a team at a community from the role of an Executive Director and how each department is a critical aspect to that success.

The clinical class overviews breakout sessions outlining various aspects of our care services offered, the team dynamics that support the assisted living care of our residents and in-depth perspectives on the roles of Caregivers, Medication Technicians and our Nursing staff.

With a total of 8 stations the class is exposed during the rotations to various scenarios that help them troubleshoot clinical aspects that could arise for our residents in the assisted living community. They have a chance to learn and utilize tools that our community clinical teams use on a daily basis. Everything from documentation and family care conferences to medication management and nursing services is overviewed. We have taken a moment to outline briefly each station and have showcased some amazing photos of our participants on this day.

Station 1: Activities of Daily Living Demonstrations
Participants were taught how to perform assistance with care services, safe transfers using a gait belt as well as the correct use of Camel Lift and the proper purpose and use of personal protective equipment also known as PPE.




Station 2 and 3: Unusual Incident Reports & Documentation
Participants were taught the purpose of the Unusual Incident/Injury Report (LIC 624) and the ways in which it is to be appropriately filled out for submission to the Department of Social Services. Participants were taught how to properly document according to both state and company policy. They were then given a scenario to document to ensure the were taking the appropriate notes per policy.


Station 4 & 5: Family Care Conferences & Dynamics
Participants had the chance to meet with a clinical specialist on the Carlton team who helped them learn the purpose of a family care conference and the ways in which we strive to provide and promote empathy and sensitive to both our residents and their family members. This is particularly important when addressing a resident’s change in condition and care services needed to safely meet those needs presenting.


Station 6: Medication Management
Each participant had a chance to sit down with Marco Santos, our Vice President of Clinical Operations as he discussed the program QuickMar, instructed on how to properly interpret a resident’s Medication Administration Record and pour the medications accordingly. Each participant was given a pack of medications that were M&M’s and each packet listed the name of a cartoon character name to be used in this scenario for training purposes only.



Station 7: Nursing Demonstrations
Our Director of Clinical Operations, Michelle Gailey spent time with each group to explain the role of the community nurse, as well as various aspects of care that a nurse leads including; various catheters, colostomy bags, safety syringes, glucometers and certain types of wounds that can be treated in our setting.


Station 8: Clinical Quiz
The groups each participated in a clinical quiz that covered a variety of topics overviewed throughout the day. It was a fun and friendly competition between the teams.


 We extend our appreciation to the following individuals for making this blog a success.

Thank you to the Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community for hosting our 2018 Leadership Class at their community for the day.
Thank you to all of the facilitators who loaned us their time and knowledge to help make this day a success.
Thank you to Lindsey Flores for coordinating and seeing through her vision for this day, helping to uphold all clinical aspects in the highest regard.
Thank you to the participants of this years 2018 Leadership class for your eagerness to learn, your passion and your energy.