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Carlton Associates & Career News | March 21, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Welcome Jon McCraw, New Executive Director at Poet’s Corner!

Carlton Senior Living is thrilled to announce our new Executive Director at our Poet’s Corner location, Jon McCraw.

 Jon McCraw

Jon joins Carlton with 23 years of experience in various roles of senior care. As he recalls, it indeed all began for him growing up as a young child. Jon attributes this time of his life as extra meaningful because he lived in the same town as all four of his grandparents. Their involvement and engagement in his life was pivotal for his interactions as a child through his teenage years and have lasted now well into his adulthood. The church was a significant part of his early life, and he can recall that he wasn’t shy about sitting next to the church elders. He felt it was “very organic and natural” and ultimately an integral part of his life.

These experiences growing up helped to fuel his passion for wanting to help others, primarily the senior population. He moved onward and up by completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology with a counseling emphasis from Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina. The first job he took upon graduation was the role of a Social Worker at a Skilled Nursing Facility in Saratoga. He found that he loved the helping component of this role yet realized it encompassed a lot of documentation and paperwork and his passion was helping the seniors directly in a more one-on-one approach.

During this time Jon’s grandfather was the first in his family to become formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, he was recruited to join Cedar Creek in Los Gatos at their community that was exclusively dedicated to Memory Care as their Sales Director in 1996. It was from this role that he learned about memory impairment and dementia-related symptoms. It was from this blend of both a professional and personal standpoint that his love for serving seniors, in particular, those processing a memory impairment diagnosis, grew. He felt that he was able to blend his professional role with his personal life and became a resource for his family regarding his grandfather’s journey with Alzheimer’s.

Jon had expanded as much as possible within Cedar Creek over the course of 2 years and transitioned to Kisco Senior Living as a Sales and Marketing Director at their BridgePoint community in Los Altos. It was here that he found great success by increasing the census of the building to full capacity within six short months. Recognized for his achievements at the BridgePoint community he was offered the chance to transfer to BridgePoint in Los Angeles, specifically Beverly Hills. He made the transition in 2004 and looked at the experience as “amazing!” The time he spent in the greater Los Angeles area and the opportunities he experienced were a pivotal turning point in his career. He shifted into Home Healthcare with ALLPOINT and served as their Regional Sales and Marketing Director for four years. During this time he was able to gain a better perspective on this component of senior care.

Before joining Carlton, Jon worked for Silverado Care, an exclusive company specializing only in Memory Care. He worked with Silverado for close to 7 years during which time he expanded his knowledge in hospice care holding both the role of Director of Community Relations and National Director of Customer Service for their Los Angeles and Orange County communities. Ending his career with Silverado Care in the position of National Director of Innovative Operations, it was in this capacity that he broadened the role and created their first 24/7 communication platform. This implementation allowed Silverado the opportunity to provide a live 24-hour chat and call center to their current and prospective residents and their families. He supervised the application and created the manual for backup support as well as overseeing the on boarding training for the management of the call center.

It was in late 2016 that he transitioned from Silverado when his spouse received an RN position with Kaiser in the San Francisco area that they couldn’t pass up. After settling into the San Francisco area and taking some time off, Jon quickly felt the drive to begin working again. Hired on as the Administrator/Executive Director at Oak Creek Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care community in Castro Valley he promised to dedicate a year. During that year, the overall morale of the building increased and he was able to ensure resident retention and decrease staff turnover.

Ironically enough the job posting for the Executive Director Position was not the first time he had heard of Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner. He recalls that he found himself there sometime earlier when he completed an assessment for a resident while at Oak Creek. From that first visit to his beginning day with Poet’s Corner, he felt that the connection and the welcome feeling were both organic and natural. He recognizes that Carlton Senior Living is well known for our “stellar reputation” by providing outstanding and cutting-edge care and activity services. He hopes to join that reputation and continue to uncover all of the potentials that bring Poet’s Corner to life.

Jon as a professional believes in an “open door policy.” He is open to residents, staff, families and all to come in, sit down, feel welcomed and speak their mind. He believes in walking the community daily and presenting himself as an active resource that remains engaged and connected.

Please join us in welcoming Jon to our Carlton Senior Living family!