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Carlton Senior Living | May 16, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

This Carlton Resident Has 103 Reasons to Celebrate!

Carlton Resident, Ruth, Has 103 Reasons to CelebrateRuth Whysong is celebrating 103 AMAZING years today! She says she has always been an independent person. As a child she loved to knit, sew and cook. She would always alter her recipes each time and her husband would eat whatever she cooked. He never refused or complained about anything, which is also pretty amazing. The couple loved each other’s company and traveled many places together. They even ventured as far as the North and South poles. After her husband’s death, Ruth continued to travel because, as she says, she “liked seeing things she hadn’t seen before.”

Ruth proudly did her own taxes and was fairly independent until her 90’s. She drove everywhere. When Ruth was 60, she learned to swim and continued to do so into her 90’s; as she had found out that she naturally floats in the water. One of Ruth’s favorite sayings is that, “I would rather laugh then cry.” She always has a good motto to offer a listening ear and, even at 103, she is always ready for an adventure.

Since turning 103 is such a major deal, the Downtown Pleasant Hill community made Ruth a celebrity for a day when they hosted a fashion show and birthday party in her honor complete with a red carpet.



Walking the Runway

Carlton Fashion Show - Celebrating 103!Jessica Walking the RunwayCarlton's Fashion Show

She continues to inspire the people around her and today, on her 103rd birthday, Carlton Senior Living celebrates Ruth!

Resident, Ruth, Celebrates 103

Ruth visting with her great niece and great grand niece.