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Carlton Senior Living | April 14, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Carlton Senior Living Survey Results

senior-citizen-writingCarlton Senior Living values all of our residents and their loved ones opinions so much that we conduct an annual survey that addresses every aspect of our services. While many of our competitors use an outside resource to distribute and scan the results, Carlton Senior Living has an actual Home Office representative read each and every one of the over 1,300 surveys that come anonymously to our Home Office. When residents and their loved ones were asked their opinions, this is what they had to say:

I enjoy it and I feel like my needs are being met.

Managers friendly and caring.

The managers I have met are very nice and attentive.

My husband is a resident due to suffering a fracture in his lower spine. He had some physical therapy and is learning to walk again and getting stronger each day. The employees at Carlton crown are very patient and kind and make sure he gets all his medications when needed. He is not – in anyway – mentally impaired but his hearing is poor so they know to “speak up” and do so. Since he can’t safely live in our home right now, we both feel he is exactly where he needs to be.

So far I am very well satisfied and everyone treats me well.

What I like best is wherever I am walking the staff always says hello or my name and how are you today it makes me feel welcome.

I would recommend the community depending on the needs of the person.

It’s really comfortable living here. The people are nice.

I am happy as a clam here. I don’t need much, what I get is satisfactory. Everything is cool.

I’m happy here.

I can’t say enough about the amazing staff we feel blessed that her mother was at your facility at the end of her life. I felt staff with caring for family members as well. Thank you!

I know I can get help if needed. As a newcomer I find I need to get explanations. In general, I enjoy the family service and kindness of the staff and fellow seniors.


The food itself is usually good. Service is great. You are meeting my expectations. Thanks for all you do.

I think Peter and his staff make every effort to make things comfortable. Peter is a lovely gentleman and the staff goes out of their way to help.

I must be sure to tell you that the staff are very friendly and caring especially Pam and Phil, Stephanie and Cory.

There is a sense in reality of well-being and pleasure that pervades all of the contacts between a staff members and residents of Château on Broadway. It is a privilege to live here.

Even though we were not eager to move here, our family helped us make the decision so they wanted to be closer to us. We enjoy life here and feel very positive about the staff; to a person they are very friendly, helpful and do a great job; which isn’t always easy when dealing with old folks – they are great! All in all we feel safe in our apartment is comfortable. Thanks to all of you who take care of us.

man-staying-in-nursing-homeThe managers and advisers of the Carlton, Davis are conscientious and sensitive of their clients needs and care. They are particularly aware of special and conditional medical necessities and conditions which I expected from aging or untrained personalities. The teachers and workers we have our knowledgeable and appropriately trained and able.
We love our apartment.

Overall – wonderful!

Nice building. Nice employees nice dining area nice food. All employees wonderful – great attitude. Grateful to be here.

Very good, although if rated one through five, some of the yes would have been three or four.

Nice programs.

Like driver Dan, Movies and trips and shows and sporting events.

I am very happy and love all the staff such a great place – thank you.

Although regular staff is most kind and supportive.

At this time everything is better than I expected – everyone is so friendly and smiling. What I really like is you can be busy or not your choice of all that is offered.

Keep up the wonderful jobs.

Like to acknowledge Brian Wilhite resident liaison. Friendly and keeps us updated.

Brian, Amanda and Chelsea are fantastic

Our House staff very competent and caring.

Is your community clean and well-maintained? Yes. They do an awesome job.

Do you enjoy a variety of food in the dining room? I love them.

The care staff is great.

I love Sharon.

Sharon is fantastic.

Sharon is amazing.

Staff like dining room waiters, housekeepers, aids are all professional and cheerful.

I love all the staff here.

This community is the ultimate and living…. Superior! No complaints

I love it here.

I did refer my friend Bill Spalding Who is now a resident.

Resident liaison is doing a fabulous job.

I love it here.

I would recommend the community in a heartbeat.

I am very very very satisfied.

Bus driver is excellent.

I like everything about it. Food, people, community.

Marcella goes above and beyond. Excellent!

Oh yes. Love it here. I had visited friends at places like this and this one is the best.

I have already recommended to a friend.

happy-smiling-womanMy father moved into Chateau to early August 2015 after losing his wife at 71 years in March 2015. They had lived in the same house where they raise their family for 59 years. Needless to say his family, kids, we’re anxious about him adjusting to assisted-living so soon after losing his wife. But he has made a great adjustment thanks to the kind conscientious, understanding caregivers and staff. Thank you!! And delicious food.

RJ, Marvy and van are excellent. So is Denee the activities person. Sharon goes above and beyond as well.

I am satisfied and pleased with all services and elements provided at Carlton Plaza.

The food has gotten much better since we got a new chef.

The Carlton Plaza spoils us in so many ways – there are variety of good food, the accommodating shuttle drivers, the wonderful choice of activities, the relaxed, happy atmosphere, the friendly helpful staff.

I am very pleased with everything. The staff is always caring and listens and does whatever they can to make this a comfortable home for us.

Thanks for taking good care of us. I like that everyone always has a smile and is very friendly.

Good work

I am very happy here. I am particularly pleased with the activities. We have the advantage of shopping going to doctor appointments and special luncheons. The personnel are all very, very helpful.

I feel that those in charge care enough to help with answers when needed – it is a family type in a friendly relationship. I appreciate the attitude and the set up. Charmaine Pogue

All staff have exceeded my expectations. One in particular, Sierra Penfold has been especially helpful in securing me with the apartment I wished and in other circumstances like providing my Family opportunities to share my apartment with me overnight. This is a lovely facility and we residents are lucky to be here. I will be even more satisfied when my personal LTC kicks in and my bills will be paid by then next month. Hope Sierra Will see that all goes smoothly with LTC benefits.

Keep up the good work! Thanks!

I’m very happy here. Very happy with staff especially Marilyn.

My home is Carlton and I am happy and content here. Thank you. Sorry for the dreadful penmanship. I am very happy to be living in such a wonderful place and to be with such nice people. Thank you and God bless.

Very friendly med text and PCs. Patient, kind, discreet.

So far the staff has all been exceedingly helpful and friendly. We are happy with their experience thus far.

Things are going well my mother is secure, comfortable, and worry free. Keep up the good work.

You all the best!

I would like to give extra credit to Nick at the front desk. He is always friendly, helpful, and very nice to my mom and her endless questions.

Great job.

I appreciate friendly management and staff.

Living here at Carlton Plaza has made our lives easier to manage. Thank you all for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you you and your help.
Very nice place to live.

I like my apartment, and the workers and the activities and the residence. Thank you.

Thanks. Great job!

Vast majority of staff is incredibly kind and upbeat, loving and caring. It’s great.

We are delighted with Stephanie Brice. She’s easy to talk with, understanding and caring. We are grateful for the activities are, exercise and gatherings and outings available. As far as keeping family members matters confidential, I have no reason to think otherwise. We are very grateful for Carlton Plaza Fremont, just wish we lived closer.

Wonderful mix of activities – music programs are great!

Overall I think your program is wonderful and the entire staff is caring and helpful.

As you can see I am very satisfied at Carlton Plaza! 100% happy!

I’ve lived in San Leandro for over 90 years and must admit I had no knowledge of their beautiful facilities. I have a cousin Who has been here over a year and he seems totally satisfied.

I love it here and I’m proud to be a part of it. Thank you.

The community is cheerful, clean, and is appropriately decorated for the holidays. Staff is caring, efficient, and friendly. There’s no place like home, least the Carlton provides a home like atmosphere and family – a happy place to live.

Thank you I enjoy everything else here. 100% satisfied

Communication is very good and the managers are very friendly and caring I have already recommended the community.

Lila Shmulowitz is very happy here.

Overall, Carlton is a beautiful place and the PC and dining room staff was very patient and kind to the resident. My mom was happy there.

senior-man-with-grandchildI’m very impressed by the managers and all the staff. Everyone is friendly, helpful and seemingly compassionate. I was very anxious about placing my mother into assisted living but the Carlton has exceeded my expectations. While I don’t think I’ll ever be completely comfortable with my mother in a community I feel the Carlton is the best, safest place for her at this time.

Love Carlton and all involved!

I commend Gloria Garcia, Jocelyn (advocate) and Alex dining room manager. They have been more than helpful.


Enjoyable back patio.

I am very happy here and have recommended it to my friends. I am 88 years old.

They are really good. Everybody is top and they are very helpful and very helpful. Everything is great. Helpful and organized.

Carlton Plaza is outstanding in two respects:

  1. The staff attitudes are always upbeat and friendly.
  2. I find the dining very good and housekeeping services very helpful.

One of the things I appreciate the most is the health and friendliness of the staff from the executive director down.

Thank you for providing a lovely place to live, to receive good (mostly) food and minor medical care.

Very pleased with the staff will make sure my Family member is safe on self initiated walks.

Everyone at the San Jose location is wonderful – it is very obvious they care about the residence and there will being.

It has been wonderful watching our mother “blossom” and she has grown in strength and self-confidence and happiness in her new home.

Mother-in-law loves it here and we are so happy we picked up Carlton for her. It fits her perfectly and she is doing better now that she lives here.

We have been very happy with the care our mom has received since she has been in our house. They caregivers are very caring and treat our mom with respect. It seems like the staffing has been better the past few months in terms of number of PCs on duty and we’ve been impressed with the new hires. We would like to complement Jennifer on the job she has been doing in our house she has been very helpful and responsive as my mom’s condition has changed quite a bit over the past year. She is always open to our questions and get back to us quickly.