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Carlton Senior Living | June 17, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Celebrating Fatherhood: Heartfelt Tributes to Three Special Dads

This Father’s Day, JC Paleja, Personal Expressions Manager at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill, asked around to see if any of the adult children who who frequently visit the community would like to write a brief tribute to honor their own fathers. The results are these three heartfelt pieces which you are sure to enjoy:

My Dad and His Unwavering Strength

I think that all daughters have this idea that their dad is the greatest man in the world from the moment they were born. For me to start in that direction seems like I’d be retelling everyone’s story. So, I decided to skip all the rhetoric and really tell you about this man I call my dad and you call a friend.

CSL Resident, Jim Loveless

Jim Loveless with his growing family

My dad, Jim Loveless was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1929. He joined the Army at the age of 17 years old. He worked after that at two major companies as a Project Engineer until he retired. He is as he seems, honorable and true to what he believes. But there is a side of him that most don’t often get to see. There is a degree of love that he only shares with those that he truly trusts. You must earn this and once given let no man or woman come between his loyalty to you. He will fight to the end for you no matter what it takes out of him.

This man has strength beyond his body, which to his chagrin, has now gotten older. His strength comes from within for he has the will to survive no matter how tough it gets. This is not stubbornness but determination that set him apart even when he was in the military. This is where he developed this skill to confront all problems head on and survive no matter what the outcome. That is what keeps him alive to this day.

Being a member of his team is an honor and being his daughter more so. I respect this man I call my dad and find that I share many of his attributes. No one can be perfect in this life and he never proposed to be, but he was and will always be the one I look up to. He is the one that think I of when I hear a beautiful orchestra, watch an old-time movie or just sit on a beach somewhere and stare out at the ocean and dream of sailing.  He is the voice in my head telling me to live no matter how hard it gets and the tear that I wipe away each time that I leave after I visit him.

Upon everything about this man that I call my dad has done for me and my brother, the one thing that tops it all is that he stayed and was the best dad he could be to us. Good or bad he made the sacrifice to be a dad and take care of his family. This is no small feat for I know now seeing through the eyes of a parent myself.

I only wish one thing that I could change when it comes to my dad. I wish I could change the hands of time. For to me the love of family is worth having around forever.

Written by Andrea P., daughter of Jim Loveless, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident

My Father: From Humble Beginning to Successful Career and Family Man

CSL Resident, Stan Duysen

Stan at his college graduation in 1961 with his second son, Bruce

Always referring to himself as just a simple farm boy from Southwestern Iowa, Stan Duysen started from humble beginnings and a harsh childhood.  As a young man, Stan forged out on his own, eventually enlisting in the Coast Guard (stationed on San Francisco Bay), then later moving back to Omaha, where he put himself through college in 3 years while starting a family. He went on have a successful career in Real Estate and Banking.

Stan and Shirley

An early picture (circa 1969) of Stan with his late wife (my mom) of 57 years, Shirley.

With a likeable personality, Stan was always known as a total gadfly; one who could converse with anyone, and by the end of an evening would even know your shoe size.  A mover and shaker, and passionate Nebraska Cornhusker fan, he always liked to use the catch phrase of a fellow Cornhusker, Larry the Cable Guy, when he’d tell you to just Get ‘er done.

Written by Rob D., son of Stan Duysen, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident

Jesus’ Garden

Jesus, Carlton Senior Living resident

Jesus with his freshly planted flowers

Jesus P. Pineda and his wife, Lucy, always had a love for nature and the outdoors. He and our late mother Lucy, spent their time together with their nine children camping in their favorite place, Yosemite National Park. His daughters wanted to bring his love for nature and the outdoors into the garden at CSL Downtown Pleasant Hill, where he has resided for the past year and half. It was our way of helping our father, to remember the beauty of what he and our mother taught us as young children about the beauty of nature and the outdoors which all of us have embraced and held dear to our hearts and have passed down to our children and their   children and to pass down to generations to come.

Thank you Dad and Mom for such a beautiful gift to always remember you by. We love you both so very much.

Written by JoAnn P., daughter of Jesus P. Pineda, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident







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