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Carlton Senior Living | May 5, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

Dear Carlton Family of Staff…

Dear Carlton Family of Staff,

To our Personal Caregivers, our Med Techs, our Kitchen and Wait Staff, our Activity Assistants, our Drivers, our Maintenance Team, our Housekeepers, and our DFIs:

Carlton Associates are EssentialWe Carlton Residents thank you for caring for us untiringly, especially during this worldwide health crisis. Each of you has a deep commitment to us seniors that is personally evident each day. Your kindness is always shown with smiles and greeting us by name. You ask how we are doing and calmly wait for our answer. Your patience is shown again and again with your continued physical care and unending emotional support. You are always ready to help us by guiding us, answering our questions, or finding the answer for us as quickly as possible. You assure us that everything will be all right.

Family is where you find it. Each of you are like family to us, making our livers better and happier while we live at Carlton. Thank you for caring for us day after day.

With much gratitude and affection,

💙 Your Carlton Family of Residents