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Carlton Associates & Career News | November 15, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Hands On with Carlton University

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” ~Bertrand Russell

In recognition of American Education Week, Carlton Senior Living is thrilled to announce that our Carlton University Instructors; Kasie Wimmer, Veronica Pavlakis and Micki Thao as well as Katheryn Winter, Manager of Talent Acquisition, have all become trained and certified through the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Program!

Carlton Senior Living is currently the only adult living in California hosting the required initial clinical caregiver training live as opposed to utilizing a computer based training program.  This being said we have been able to further enhance our hands on training with both new associates as well as our veteran associates by introducing foundational elements of the Teepa Snow PAC training. Offering the hands on approach allows our associates to have a chance to connect with one another, demonstrate skills and techniques learned and be able to reflect on this experience as a tool to enhance their professional engagement with residents.



Our Carlton Senior Living Instructors are led by our Director of Staff Education and Development, Lindsey Flores. Lindsey, alumni of California State University Sacramento graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. While still completing her undergraduate degree, she was initially hired on in the role of an Activities Assistant at our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community in 2005. Since being hired on with Carlton Senior Living she has held 8 different positions which have allowed her to gain invaluable knowledge and insight into the industry of senior living. Although the roles have changed for her the one constant thing that has remained throughout is, as she puts it, “my love for seniors, and serving them with dignity and compassion” this above all else Lindsey states “will always be my priority.”

It would come as no surprise that given her vast experience and knowledge in the field she has since been invited back to Sacramento State to speak on a panel with other professionals surrounding the topic of Gerontology. For Lindsey that experience was surreal as you returned to her alma mater with the opportunity to speak to student. She believed in “allowing them to see that there are great career opportunities in this field- and that their Sacramento State degree can get them there.” For herself she originally didn’t know that Assisted Living or working in that capacity would be a viable career option. However, her passion to serve seniors led her to apply for a part-time position with Carlton which she thought would be a short term job as she completed her undergraduate degree. Little did she know what was to come! She explains that “becoming an employee, I was exposed to many different career paths such as sales, clinical, social work, business administration and beyond! Over time, I began to love my experiences at Carlton so much that I knew I could not leave.” Since discovering that revelation professionally, Lindsey has celebrated 13 years with Carlton and counting. She truly has stood by the fact that her love for seniors is her “foundational truth” which has allowed her to truly find not only a job that she loves but opportunities to thrive in her career.




Our Manager of Talent Acquisition, Katheryn Winter shares with us that, becoming PAC certified helped her to have a greater understanding of how to approach individuals living with a dementia diagnosis. The program allowed her to see inside the mind of someone living with dementia, which helped her gain a greater empathy to those affected.  For Katheryn the benefits of the program extend beyond the professional side of her life as she shares that “not only do I get the privilege to apply these tools every day at work, but also in my own home, as I have a grandmother living with dementia. The Positive Approach to Care certification rewarded me with better awareness and knowledge of how to be a care partner for her.” Professionally, she is thrilled to bring the content she and the instructors have learned to Carlton Senior Living associates. She truly feels that because there are so many ways to navigate different situations that one might encounter when working with those living with dementia, having the right tools and knowledge will allow the individual to be better equipped to care for our residents.






Kasie Wimmer, one of our Carlton Senior Living Instructors, was recently interviewed by Diane Slovin, PAC US Public Certifications Program Director, regarding her experience at the PAC Trainer Certification event that she had attended earlier in the year. The interview overviews Kasie’s experience becoming PAC certified from her point of view, what surprised her during the training, what she plans to do differently moving forward and how utilizing the training she completed has led her to become, in her words, “a fundamentally better facilitator.” The biggest reward for her since becoming PAC certified has been the ability to address the fact that people learn differently and to meet those learning needs. The goal she hopes to extend to the associates whom she trains and teaches is the gift of investment. She hopes that our associates can “realize through the live training and via the PAC certified trainers that we want them to be successful and apart of the changing culture that will inevitably improve the lives of our residents and our teams!”

We invite you now to read the full discussion at “Interview with a PAC Trainer.”





Below are two of our new hires demonstrating assisting a resident dress using the “Hand Under Hand” technique from Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care.