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Carlton Senior Living | December 15, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

National Wear Your Pearls Day

At Carlton Senior Living we believe in our philosophy, “live your life.” Our residents take the time daily to honor that philosophy for themselves be it playing a game of Wii, taking in a game of cards with friends or enjoying a fresh baked cookie from our community cafes. However you choose to “live your life” be sure to do it in style.



I know most people think of “wisdom” when they think of pearls. I however, think of “love” when I look at my grandmother Nona’s pearls. My Nona and Nono spent 50 years together, each year filled with unfailing love for one another in our local Crockett, CA. They raised two wonderful boys, my dad Gregory and my late Uncle Robert. Their romance started at the
C & H Factory when my Nono first saw my Nona passing by and asked my great uncle, “Who is that woman? I am going to marry that woman!”

Although we lost my Nono when I was 12, his love for my Nona and family is still one I hear about. I had the privilege of spending a good amount of time with my Nona in her later years, especially while she was living at Carlton and I was working there. She spoke of my Nono “Johnny” all of the time. How he spoiled her, how he called her 3 times a day from work at the C & H Factory and took her wherever she wanted to go.

My Nona also felt it was very important to tell us, their 6 grandchildren, how very much he loved us. Their love was a true love that filled their worlds. My Nona joined my Nono in heaven 8 years ago. Yet, not a moment goes by that every time I open her gold Lady Buxton jewelry box and pull out her pearls, or any other item my Nono gifted her, I am reminded of true love.
~Shared by Jessica Arnold, Vice President of Resident Relations





The actual definition of a pearl itself is a hard glistening object that is produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. When I see my late grandmother Selma’s pearl earrings I am reminded of her struggle receiving an incurable diagnosis of breast cancer and the beautiful soul that remained steadfast until she passed.

I never had the opportunity to meet the extraordinary woman my mom, aunt and uncle speak of, yet, with each passing year I truly believe that I understand more about the person she was and the journey she led by the stories they share. She remained, as my mom recalls, diligently focused on her children, their lives and the role she held in each of them. My grandmother, like so many others, adored the holiday time, Christmas being her favorite. It is during this season, that each year we take time to reflect on her life, the impact she made for those she met and those of us she didn’t have the chance to meet and the belief she held for a better tomorrow.

The unfailing strength that she held within her heart reminds me of a pearl, how no matter what storm weathers the outside of the mollusk it remains focused on creating the layers of beauty within. I will never be able to see a pearl and not be reminded of the strength it takes to be created and the beauty it extends for all to see.
~Shared by Jessica Beck, Inbound Marketing Specialist