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Carlton Senior Living | February 24, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Jacque Andrews

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Jacque AndrewsMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jacque Andrews — Jacque was born on October 22, 1931, in Topeka, Kansas to parents Ralph and Ann Pantier and was the second of two daughters. Jacque’s older sister, Barbara, was more beautiful and social and she felt like she grew up in her older sister’s shadow. After junior high, the Pantier family moved to Manhattan, Kansas and Jacque graduated from high school there in 1949.

Jacque went on to attend Kansas State University where a stroke of fate and an error in her class schedule would lead to meeting her future husband. During her junior year of college, Jacque had intended to become a home demonstration agent and so she selected a course called “Radio Talk,” however, the class she was enrolled in was “Radio Speech.” At this time, Jacque was dating a young man whom she had thought was “the one.” Her parents disagreed with her choice of matches and so Jacque’s father encouraged her to date other boys for two months before settling on the beau that did not meet his approval. Her parents reasoned that if Jacque’s feelings for the boy did not change after two months, they would accept her choice. Jacque said, “it took two dates to realize he was not what I wanted.”

On Friday, February 22, 1952, no classes were being held at the college due to Washington’s birthday and so Jacque went to the radio station to work on a class project which was to design a radio show. As fate would have it, Bob, a classmate who was a year ahead of Jacque in school, was also there working on the assignment. He came in and helped Jacque pick out a song for her program. Bob put on Artie Shaw’s “Stardust,” and the two shared a slow dance which ended with a kiss. This serendipitous encounter would later be referred to as the couple’s first date. The following Sunday would mark the new couple’s second date and included a trip to the theater and a quick visit with Jacque’s father. After meeting Bob, Jacque’s father said, “now Jacque, that’s the kind of boy we want you to marry!”

(Listen to Artie Shaw’s “Stardust” on YouTube)

Unfortunately, fate would have its way again but this time not for good, and Jacque’s father was tragically killed in a car accident the very next day. Understandably shaken and low due to the death of her father, Bob spent the weekends at Jacque’s home in an effort to keep her in good spirits and to also help around the house. During those visits, the couple grew closer and they eventually married on July 18, 1953.

Flower arranging activity at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill

Jacque and friends during a flower arranging activity at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill

Jacque went on to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and was a double major. Bob enlisted in the Army after college but would only have to complete basic training due to his asthma. Bob pursued a career as a radio operator instructor for some time. The couple moved multiple times before settling down and lived briefly in Chicago, Albuquerque, New Mexico, El Paso Texas, Santa Barbara and Sacramento. As they moved, their family grew and their first son, Stephen, was born in Santa Barbara in 1956. A second son, Eric, was born in Sacramento in 1959. The young family eventually settled in San Francisco in 1964 and Bob went to work for Bank of America. Bob was required to take the Dale Carnegie Training course for his work and would become an instructor and Jacque took the course in 1964 which really helped to improve her self-confidence.

As their eldest son was preparing to enter high school, Bob and Jacque decided to move to an area that provided greater educational opportunities and so the family moved for a final time in 1970 to Walnut Creek. At this time, Jacque also began her career with Bank of America which would span 15 years. Following the lead of their parents, both Steven and Eric found employment with Bank of America, although only briefly.

Jacque and Bob retired in 1984 and enjoyed five European trips spanning the areas far and wide from Austria to England, Germany to Ireland, also Scotland and two cruises on the Rhine River. They also traveled to tropical Tahiti, and closer to home, they visited Canada and Utah with frequent getaways to Lake Tahoe. Jacque and Bob called Walnut Creek their home for 45 years and, after Bob’s passing in 2014, Jacque moved to Carlton Senior Living Concord. Jacque’s son, Steve, had recommended the community to his mother and she made the move to “Carlton on Broadway” in 2015. After almost five years in Concord, Jacque moved to Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill where she loves the food, the cleanliness of the community and also the activities and transportation. She is happy to reunite with some of her Concord friends here in Pleasant Hill and is also excited to make some new ones.


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Written by Patrick Coleman