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Carlton Senior Living | October 7, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Jerry Michaels

Jerry Michaels was born on December 8, 1937, in Arlington, Texas to Jerri “Bulla May” and Preston “Percy” Michaels. She is the second-eldest of four children and was raised with her siblings Shirley, Dewey and Jack. Her favorite childhood memory is having a loving family who always cares for one another always making the best of any situation. Jerry’s family moved to California from Texas when she was 4 years old from Texas and they were living in Concord when the big Port Chicago explosion occurred in 1944, which was very eventful. Witnessing historically significant events like the Port Chicago disaster and later Kennedy’s Assassination gave her a different perspective on life and reinforced that you really have to cherish every moment you have with loved ones.

When she was growing up she always wanted to be a secretary or a police officer and her first job was as a secretary for the Mount Diablo School District. Jerry’s first boss taught her a lot about social interaction and being confident in different settings. The most influential person for her is her mother who taught her a lot about happiness and being caring. Family to her is everything because it gives life importance and meaning. Happiness is a way of life and not really focusing on the small things.

Jerry was married to Bill who was a great life partner and a wonderful father. Bill was in the United States Marine Corps, which she is proud of. The couple had two sons and four grandchildren, two boys and two girls. Her proudest moment is becoming a mother when she did not really think it would be possible. Jerry’s favorite memory is traveling with her family to different places together and her favorite traveling experience was going to Great Britain for six months to study at Durham University. It was an unforgettable experience where she learned a lot. If she could do anything she would like to go to England to visit her friends and be a tourist.

Before moving to Carlton Senior Living Concord, Jerry had lived in her home for 44 years where she loved hosting parties for different occasions and dancing. Her favorite genre of music is 50’s music for how upbeat it is. If she had to describe herself in three words they would be friendly, loving, and impatient at times. People would be surprised is how much she appreciates her alone time even though she likes hanging out with friends. She would like to be remembered as a good person and her advice to the younger generations is to focus on social interaction instead of focusing on social media.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez



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