Resident Spotlight – Kathy Jones & Little Dog

Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Kathy JonesMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Kathy Jones and her canine companion, Little Dog – Little Dog was a rescue animal placed on Kathy’s doorstep about 5 years ago. Kathy’s son, Glen, found the lost little pup on his morning walk and quickly scooped her up as he could tell the young dog was cold and very hungry. Glen then decided to take the puppy to the home of his mom, Kathy. He knocked on Kathy’s door and once she answered he handed over the wrapped up dog and said, “see ya later, Mom.”

Kathy and “Little Dog” have been together ever since. Little Dog is now about 6 years-old and Kathy feels like the two were meant to be together because she loves her so much. Little Dog may be the size of a Chihuahua mix, but she has an attitude of a full grown German Sheppard. And don’t let the name fool you, she is very protective of her owner.

Both Kathy and Little Dog are very grateful for the home they have found at Carlton Senior Living Fremont and they enjoy being a part of the community.

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