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Carlton Senior Living | December 15, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Marge Daddow

Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Marge DaddowMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Margery Daddow – Marge was born September 14, 1938 in Southern California to Alice and William (Bill) Spangler. When she was little her family moved to Nicolaus, California. They made the move because her father’s brothers were both in the service and her grandfather needed help with his farm. After the war, her uncles joined them in Nicolaus and they created their own business, the Spangler Brothers Inc., which is still up and running. Most of Marge’s life was spent on a farm or in farming territory. She has three siblings, James (Jim), her late sister Peggy, and late brother Gary.

Marge’s favorite childhood memories come from her grandmother’s home in Rio Linda. After her grandfather passed away, “she (grandma) spoiled me rotten and had such a lovely home.” Her grandfather also built a cabin in Alta, California with a giant fireplace and bunks for sleeping. She fondly remembers “arguing about who got to sleep in which bunk”. Marge and her siblings all attended East Nicolaus High School, where she was a cheerleader. After high school, she attended Chico State University.

Marge has lived in many places in California, including Nicolaus, Sutter County, Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Gridley, and just outside of Gridley on an orchard. Her favorite trips have also been within the state, including a trip to the Sacramento Zoo. One year her parents took them to Disneyland, and she said, “as a farming family, that was a big deal.”

Margery was married twice, first to Richard Nestor and then to Nicholas Daddow. She and Richard had three children together: Patrick, Michael, and Roxanne. She also has three stepchildren from her second marriage: David, Richard, and Nikki. She has five grandchildren, a good number of great-grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Her second husband, Nicholas, was the local paper editor and sports editor for Gridley. He also announced the high school football games. She has had many pets throughout her life, including dogs, cats, and a variety of farm animals. One year they even got a Shetland Pony for Roxanne.

When Marge was a kid, she knew she would one day be a schoolteacher. She did become a teacher and was a principal of an elementary school for a portion of the year before retiring. She was an officer and a member of the California Teachers Association and a representative for special needs students within the C.T.A. She also worked for her church as a Sunday School teacher for the preschoolers. In high school, she was a lifeguard and a babysitter.

One of Margery’s favorite life experiences was teaching young children. She found it to be very rewarding. She looks at life in a positive way and encourages people to, “just keep working.” She would like to be remembered as a kind person and wants others to know the importance of being nice to their children.

When asked about her life at Carlton, she stated that her kids, “moved her here (to Carlton) and I did not even see the place before, but I like it now and couldn’t ask for a better place.” She has lived here since December 2, 2019.  Her favorite thing about Carlton Senior Living Davis is that people keep their word and that things start on time. She loves country western music and ballads. Her favorite movie is “The Sound of Music.” Margery enjoys eating good chicken in just about any form–barbequed, fried, or roasted, but definitely not with gravy on it! Her favorite scent is vanilla.

Marge likes to think of herself as “busy, a good entertainer, and a homey, country type of girl.” She most admires the women she used to know during her time with the American Association of University Women (AAUW).  She was always impressed at how the ladies there could have a social life, go to church, and still be able to tend to their families.

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis