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Carlton Senior Living | December 29, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Mary Lee

Carlton Senior Living resident, Mary LeeMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Mary Lee – Mary was born in Piedmont, California located in Alameda County. She grew up in the Oakland area which she loves very much. Mary remembers being very active as she was growing up. She was a runner and a dancer. The family even had a ballroom in their home. She remembers hitting a ball against the backboard outside her childhood home. This was the beginning of her love for the game of tennis.

While attending school, Mary met the love of life, Richard. The couple had two sons, Tim and Brian, and now are proud grandparents. Mary and Richard ran a tropical fish store for many years where they sold exotic varieties of fish and koi as well as aquariums small and large.

Mary has always enjoyed gambling and going to the casino with her family and friends. She was lucky, as she puts it.  Mary still enjoys going to the casino whenever possible. She also likes playing Bingo at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill as well as getting massages.

Mary enjoys her life and says doesn’t have anything to complain about. She is a very happy person and always looks forward to visits from her friend, Kathy. Whenever you see Mary, say “hello” and smile and she’s sure to return the gesture.

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