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Carlton Senior Living | January 27, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Sharon Ross

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Sharon RossMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Sharon Ross – Sharon Ruth Hill Ross was born on May 28, 1941, in Ironwood, Michigan to parents Ruth and Bernard Hill. Bernard, her father, was very smart and climbed up the ladder in his career. He eventually oversaw the maintenance department at a steel mill. She has one younger brother, Bernard Jr. They still talk on the phone often and he is eager to drive out to visit her here at Carlton Senior Living Davis. As a child, Sharon moved around quite a lot for her father’s work. She was finally able to attend the same school from seventh grade all the way to twelfth grade. This gave her a chance to settle in and she was finally able to say, “this is where I grew up.” She lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota all the way through college.

In high school, she was a flag twirler for the marching band. She attended the University of Minnesota for college and loved the experience. While there she was a pom-pom girl for their ice hockey team.

Sharon has lived in quite a few places, including Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Duluth, Minnesota; Bolder Colorado; Chico, California; and now Davis. She moved her furniture into Carlton Davis in June of 2019 but spent the next two months traveling back and forth between Davis and Chico while she sold her home. She finally settled here in August.

Sharon met her future husband, Robert “Bob” Ross, while working as a cashier in Yellowstone National Park back in the 1960s. They were married for roughly fifty-one years. At the time they met, he was a bel hop. Once she left Yellowstone, they continued writing love letters back and forth. Together Sharon and Bob had three children: Andrea, Jason, and her late son Brian. He has three grandchildren: Owen, Mercer, and Josie.

In 1968 Sharon and Bob moved out to California after Bob got a job teaching at Chico State University. It took them two car trips as they drove out with one baby, a dog, and two horses!

Sharon has had several occupations over the years. She has worked in inventory control, or as a bookkeeper, and was a homemaker. She also taught junior high for five years. Sharon eventually became a professor in the mathematics department at Chico State, specializing in, as she says humorously, “1s and 10s”.

Sharon and Bob traveled to many places together and she loves a good road trip. She has traveled to Finland to visit family, New York to visit her grandchildren, and Bali, Mexico. One day she would love to ride the Trans Canadian Railway.

Her most memorable moment would be when she and her husband returned home with two adopted babies; one who was three weeks old, and the other six weeks. She thought it was funny how easy it was to get a baby at that time. There seemed to be something very special and unique about not experiencing the nine months before the baby is born, to suddenly have this new wonderful life in your arms that you can call your son or daughter.

Every day is special to Sharon. She would like to be remembered as a good mom. Three words Sharon would use to describe herself as are “funny old lady.” She would like to pass along words from William Shakespeare, “to thine own self be true.” She enjoys Rock and Roll music, Roy Rogers movies, and the smell of the beach. If she were to say one meal is her favorite it would be Thanksgiving, since this is the time family gets together. Here at Carlton Senior Living Davis she is really impressed at how quickly the staff learns everyone’s names!

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis