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Carlton Senior Living | July 8, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Solomon Fisher

CSL Spotlight Resident, Solomon FisherAt 103, Solomon Fisher is our eldest resident at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill. Solomon was born in New York City on June 9, 1915. He was the son of an ambitious father who put all six of his kids through college. His mother was from Romania and his father was from Ukraine, but they met and had gotten married in the United States. Solomon attended Columbia University Law School and during this time, he started dating his future wife, Evelyn. She was going to a different college in New York City and majoring in chemistry. After law school, he worked from home with a shingle out front.

In the 1940’s, the Fishers lived in a Victorian house in Queens. After they had their children, Tony and Barbara, Evelyn took on the role of a stay at home mom. Later, she became a high school chemistry teacher and Solomon moved his law practice into a storefront office. After the kids went to college, he started working for The May Company, a department store chain. There, he specialized in real estate law.

In 1985, Solomon ended his law career and moved to the Bay Area to retire. He began to enjoy himself with activities which he was not able to do while working and raising a family. Solomon played his cello, a bit on the piano and encouraged his friends to play on his piano as well. He joined the Performing Arts Society of Contra Costa County where they have free concerts twice a month. Solomon had the opportunity to write his own music and perform. He wrote a Bach piece on the cello with his own narration about the music. He also wrote music for the PAS workshops which was offered to musicians of all levels.

Evelyn & SolomonAnother activity Solomon loved to do was hike and he was a part of two local hiking clubs; Sierra Club and Berkeley Hiking Club. The Sierra club is how Solomon gave back to the environment to help protect it and he also gave back by making monthly donations. The Berkeley Hiking Club helps liked-minded people come together and plan group hikes without harming the environment. He was a group leader for many years. Solomon would bring up the rear and walk with those who were behind the group. A few of his fellow members remember him for his delicious cooked yam dishes that he brought along with him on their hikes together.Over the years, Solomon has made many friends.

Spotlight Resident, Solomon FisherWhen he recently celebrated his 103rd  birthday, he had a room full of people and they each had something memorable to say about him. One friend shared a memory about Solomon hosting a grand party in his home. His doors would be open for anyone to come and spend time with him. Now, Solomon is losing his hearing, but still has a friendly chat with his table mates in the Creekside dining room. After leading a very busy life, Solomon now enjoys reading the paper quietly in his room at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill and is very proud to be a centenarian.



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Written by Cookie Apodaca