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Carlton Senior Living | April 27, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

“The Beautiful Music in Everything” by Elma Blaud

Carlton Senior Living resident, Elma Blaud“I see the piano and beautiful music in everything!” says Elma Blaud, a resident of Carlton Senior Living.

“I do not feel that I have a signature style,” says Elma. That is a true statement. She attempts to incorporate different elements into her music. And, something in her playing is known and appreciated by many Carlton Senior Living San Jose residents and visitors alike. Her music consistently manages to appear well detailed without requiring a great pianist to possess astrophysicist-level playing skills to achieve.

Elma wants to play pieces that others may choose to hear and play and are not overly complicated. She’s aware that many pianists do not have as much time to play as they might like. Playing the piano (or any instrument) doesn’t need to be so complicated – Life is complicated enough!

She makes sure that the music is engaging enough to appeal to other musicians – she attempts to play music that isn’t so plain and simple that it doesn’t appeal to experienced players.

Elma had wonderful guidance, encouragement and support from her parents and from excellent instructors.  It is most important to be encouraged, as she has been all her life, and to complete the task of her learning – and to complete the next and the next!

In conclusion, the great Roman poet Ovid once said, “Take rest. The field that has rested, gives a beautiful crop.” I say, “I will take care of myself in honor of my life, my music, my piano, and all who have shared that life and music with me. This is the only day I have. I must use it wisely.” –Elma Blaud


Watch this interview with Elma from 2017 and learn more about how music has impacted her life.