Carlton Senior Living loves to share the stories of our wonderful residents. This story was written by Doris Miller, a military spouse, as a tribute to her husband, Charles, and their enduring love.

 “Before we had married my husband, Charles, was stationed at the Treasure Island Naval Base with my family living close by in Oakland. My mother had an old iron resting on the shelf of our garage. One day, my husband-to-be asked my mother if he might borrow the iron. My mother said, “of course” and so Charles left with the iron that day.

Some months later, when I received my engagement ring from Charles, I learned of how the story came together. Charles had used the old iron to press the uniforms of his fellow servicemen on Fridays in preparation for the Saturday morning inspection that was traditional on base.  My beloved Charles charged 50 cents per freshly ironed suit and the money that was collected afforded my lovely engagement ring which I have treasured for seventy-three years.

Charles and I were married for 58 years prior to his passing and I love sharing this sweet story from early on in our love story.”

Written by Doris Miller, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident

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