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Carlton Senior Living | June 29, 2020 | By Jessica Beck

“Why I Wait For the Bus in Front of Carlton” by Elma Blaud

“It’s the people, the dear people,” says Elma Blaud, a resident of Carlton Senior Living.

“I like to sit (and I arrive early so that I can) under the apple tree – oh no, no, that is still another story,” Elma, a life-long lover of music says jokingly. “Back to square one. I like to sit under the overhang at the front of the Carlton Senior Living San Jose community. My reason: I wish to be the first person to enter the bus! Why? You ask – because I want to observe all the beauty of San Jose and the surrounding views as we glide to our destination, whether it be Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Watsonville, etc. They are all beautiful and most interesting to visit. I have been quite successful during the past ten years,” recalls Elma.

“Do you realize the number of very nice people who enter our building and the same number who leave it?” Elma queries. “It is such a wonderful experience to greet these very nice people and to spend a few minutes with them. It is such a great delight to greet these charming people. Life has so many beautiful people and stories, with many entering and leaving the Carlton.”

“It would be interesting to develop imaginary stories about the families of so many,” envisions the friendly observer of people. “We have all lived through so much in our long lives. Some journeys are amazing. Would you care to share yours? What an exciting book!” she concludes with a smile.

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