Resident Spotlight - Aurice Choyce

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Aurice Choyce – Aurice was born on August 23, 1927. She joined the Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community in November 2018 and one of her favorite things to do is enjoy the sights and scenes of the Bay Area during Carlton’s many Scenic Drives. Aurice also spends time visiting with fellow residents and likes participating in the variety of activities offered in the community. One of her very favorite things to do is to be pampered and also to get dressed up. Aurice is very proud to be one of the founder members of the Bible Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church which she helped to start. Being …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Willah Haberman

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Willah Haberman – Willah was born on April 14th in San Francisco, California. She lived in Oakland for a time but grew up in Berkeley along with her four younger brothers. In her early childhood days, Willah remembers playing with the neighborhood kids in empty lots and she can’t forget the tethered goat with big horns from her youth. She also liked to read a lot and listen to the radio. Willah attended Berkeley High School where she developed a passion for art and dance. During her senior year of high school, World War II broke out. After high school, she was accepted into a commercial art schoo …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Bob & Gayle Doebert

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight residents, Bob and Gayle Doebert – Robert “Bob” Doebert was born March 5, 1934, to parents Dorothy and Frank, in East St. Louis, Illinois, a continuation of the major city in Missouri, across the Mississippi River. Gayle was born December 12, 1938, to parents Eleanore and Nicholas, in San Francisco. Bob and Gayle both attended San Francisco State University, where they met. The couple married after college and the two remained in San Francisco for several years afterward. Each worked part-time during college at Candlestick Park. Gayle was an usher and “the beer girl” for the radio announcers during San F …

by Eric Demuth

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Living with Purpose

“The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.” – Octavia Spencer The transition into late adulthood can carry with it both fear of the unknown and inevitable change. By understanding the physical move itself, we can acknowledge the impact of leaving one’s home and moving into a community and can learn to recognize the adaptation that must take place for the individual. A senior will typically undergo three phases during this process: the overwhelmed phase, the adjustment phase and the initial acceptance phase. Feeling Overwhelmed The overwhelmed phase is best categorized by feelings surrounding one’s self. The senior may proce …

by Jessica Beck

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What's Your Color?

When you think about it we use our hands daily in so much of what we do. We speak with hand gestures, at times even more than we talk, we sign important documents and even create masterpieces with our hands. They can be used as universal signs of greeting those we meet or love with a handshake, a wave or blowing a kiss. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that for most of us we choose our nail color to display our personality as well. The beauty of this is that whether we are adventurous, loud and outgoing or soft spoken, subtle and introverted there is a color for you that will match impeccably! In honor of National Nail Polish day we t …

by Jessica Beck

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How Assisted Living Has Changed Over the Years

How Assisted Living Has Changed Over the Years

When looking for an assisted living option for oneself or a loved one, the term ‘assisted living facility’ conjures up a number of different feelings. In fact, the transition that you make to a new home can feel scary, uncertain, and emotional. However, few people have an actual idea of what assisted living is like nowadays. Knowing more about the different care options, amenities, and activities offered can offer peace of mind for many families. The Changes We Have Seen Many of the better assisted living options have taken steps to shift towards the consumer. This means that seniors (and their families) are more at ease with senior care comm …

by Jonita Dixon

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Gratitude for Carlton Senior Living Davis

I would like to acknowledge a true gem in our community. The Carlton Senior Living Facility was where my mother spent the last couple of years of her life. The staff at the Carlton allowed my mother to age on her terms and with tremendous respect and dignity. A special thank-you to all the medical staff and especially to Jose, who was very attentive to my mother’s needs and kept me well-informed. Also, to the front desk staff, who took the time to listen to my mother, whether she had a concern or simply wanted them to admire her latest crocheted creation or fresh-picked flowers. This meant so much to her. My mother had a special fondness for …

by Jonita Dixon

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Staff Celebration - Downtown Pleasant Hill

Our community hosted our quarterly Associate Appreciation Gathering on 9/15 and the theme was Under the Sea.  We gather quarterly to thank our team for a job well done.  We hosted a buffet lunch and held a prize drawing for those in attendance. A costume contest was held as well.  Imee Segarra was the winner with her Jellyfish costume, complete with bioluminescence in the form of lights in the umbrella.  Malika Griffith was the runner up. The decorations we handmade by Diane Duarte.  She and her daughter are the creative minds behind most of the fabulous decorations seen throughout our community for holidays and celebrations. Enjoy the photo …

by Jonita Dixon

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What Steps Can You Take to Reduce Fall Risk?

Fall-related injuries are responsible for sending more than 1.6 million senior Americans to the hospital, according to the National Institutes of Health. To put matters into perspective, one-in-three seniors are going to experience a fall each year, falls that often result in a loss of independence, may cause fractures, other injuries, and sometimes even death. What Can You Do? If you are trying to evaluate and minimize risks related to falls, there are a few different things that you are able to do. If you want to reduce the controllable risk of falls, we recommend the following: Make sure that you have a good fit – It is important to have g …

by Jonita Dixon

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Reasons to Hire a Geriatric Care Manager

Reasons to Hire a Geriatric Care Manager

As a family caregiver, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. You can relieve some of your stress by hiring a geriatric care manager. These professionals can help you understand the elder care system and help with potential caregiving decisions. These are a few of the different reasons that many families have decided to hire a geriatric care manager: Reason #1 – Make Better Decisions Having a geriatric care manager can may help with recommending changes and provide an honest assessment of whether our loved one is able to care for him/herself. It is normal to be personally invested in decisions as a caregiver, but with a geriatric care …

by Jonita Dixon

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How To Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Although a caregiver is always worried about caring for someone else, it is also imperative that they care for themselves. Caregivers who are feeling fatigued and hopeless the majority of the time may be suffering from caregiver burnout. A few characteristics of caregiver burnout include: Isolation from others; withdrawal from friends, family and other loved ones Loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyable Feelings of irritability, depression and hopelessness Mental and physical exhaustion Difficulty concentrating Changes in sleep patterns including restlessness Caregiver burnout can best be summarized as a state of physical …

by Jonita Dixon

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