In Celebration of March: The Guinness Cupcake

Our Carlton Senior Living Davis community recently made Guinness cupcakes to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and the month of March! If your looking for a sweet treat to bring to an upcoming March Madness or MLB Fantasy Baseball Draft party then we have the recipe for you! Dave Lieberman’s shared recipe with the Food Network shows the perfect way to combine a love of beer and baking. Traditionally, a stout beer is the best style to bake with and is the chosen one for this recipe. We share below with you now the Chocolate Stout Cupcake recipe and how it turned out for our residents in Davis! Chocolate Stout Cupcakes Prep Time: 15 minutes          …

by Jessica Beck

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Diablo Valley College International Students visit Carlton

Diablo Valley College Students Ask a Very Thought-Provoking Question

When students from Diablo Valley College’s International Program visited Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill this winter, they came seeking answers to this very thought-provoking question: What was the most important invention or innovation of your lifetime thus far?   The college students, who are all natives of South America, were amazed at the variety of answers they received from our residents. One of the most surprising answers came from centenarian, Bernie Dreyfus, who explained that during her youth there was no electricity in the home. That meant no refrigerator along with the many other modern conveniences we take for g …

by Denee Coleman

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Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Patrick Dundon

Resident Spotlight - Patrick Dundon

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Patrick Dundon – Patrick was born in Borris, Ireland a small village on the River Barrow in County Carlow on September 27, 1920. He was the fourth born of five children to his parents Edward and Maye. Patrick’s father was the town doctor. Patrick had a good life growing up in Borris and was often found to be getting up to mischief. One day he and his friend Tom Millet decided that they wanted to go shooting and had to sneak his father’s gun out of the house by taking it apart and slipping the parts down the leg of his pants. Another time he and his friends were having a rock fight and Patrick got …

by Denee Coleman

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Jennifer's Sour Cream Noodle Bake Recipe

March is National Noodle Month! In tribute to the ultimate comfort food, we’re sharing Jennifer’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake recipe. This dish is simple to make and can be prepared in about 30 minutes. Better yet, it’s also delicious to eat! Jennifer’s recipe is just one of many featured in Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill’s Second Edition of the Cookbook for a Cure. This beautifully illustrated cookbook features a collection of original recipes from Carlton associates, residents, families and friends of Carlton Senior Living and was created as a way to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. In 2018, we raised over $22,000 for Walk to End Alzhe …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Ed Rorke

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Ed Rorke – If you haven’t met our new resident, Ed, you are missing out on a lot. An Irishman by birth, he was raised in Dublin, Ireland. At around the age of 26, he moved to the United States for a job with US Steel Corporation where he was an engineer. Ed studied at the University of Colorado Denver and completed his grad studies at UC Berkeley in Business Administration. Ed is a proud graduate of the Piedmont Police Academy and has also taught business classes at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. According to Ed, he is the Mayor and Deputy of a small island called Ballena which is loca …

by Denee Coleman

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Lori Thames, Executive Director of Carlton Senior Living Concord

Introducing Lori Thames, Executive Director of Carlton Senior Living Concord

Taking care of others has always been in Lori’s nature and so it’s no surprise that she has built a career around working with seniors. A lifelong resident of Contra Costa County, Lori draws her strength from her mother and grandmother who taught her to never back down from a challenge and to always continue learning. Lori was first introduced to the senior living field while looking for a place for her mother who had broken her leg and was placed in a skilled nursing facility. Lori’s mother had suffered a stroke at just 30 years old and because of this, Lori had dedicated her entire life to caring for her mother. At the time her mother enter …

by Denee Coleman

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Elk Grove Hiring Event

We’d love for you to join us for our Elk Grove hiring event. Thursday, March 14th 11 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4 PM Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove 6915 Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove, CA 95758 Location Details Walk-In interviews will be conducted. Come see our beautiful community and learn about employment opportunities. It takes a special group of employees to help our senior residents live their lives to the fullest, surrounded by love, kindness and care. We believe happy employees help to ensure happy residents, and that’s why we take great care in recruiting, training and retaining people who embrace and embody our unique “culture of caring.” We …

by Jessica Beck

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Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Doris Miller

Resident Spotlight - Doris Miller

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Doris Miller – Doris was born in Oakland, California on April 6, 1933. She was married for 20 years, has two children, and one grandchild. When asked what words of wisdom she has to offer others, Doris said “be strong and be family” and also to “love like everyone is your family.” Doris worked for Shedd’s part-time and retired after 30 years in 1996. Her favorite activities are watching her television and going out on Shopping Shuttles offered at Carlton Senior Living Fremont. She likes living at Carlton because it is nice and quiet and never runs into problems. Doris is a very humorous lady who …

by Denee Coleman

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Will & Gloria's Secret to Love

The Curtis’ “When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy.” ~Katherine Jenkins Will attended school with Gloria’s sister. After years had passed, Will agreed to go to a soda fountain because his friend had wanted to dance with Gloria. The friend had one dance with Gloria and then Will took a chance and danced with Gloria, they danced the rest of the evening and talked until the wee hours of the morning. For most of the beginning of their relationship, Will was working while Gloria was attending school in another town. During her vacations she came home and Will was there, having patiently waited to take her out on the …

by Jessica Beck

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Colette & Roger's Secret to Love

The Ricard’s Established in 1955 “Paris is always a good idea!” ~Audrey Hepburn Roger and Colette first met when he was working on her parent’s farm. For Colette, she recalls that when she first saw Roger it was certainly love at first sight, she knew all along he was the one for her. She said “I’m going to marry him.” Colette, unlike traditional relationships of their time, took the lead as the woman and said I love you first. Roger always felt that he didn’t want an American girl and after meeting Colette and falling in love he knows that he was the lucky one and destined to meet her. Roger took Colette’s hand on vacation in December of 195 …

by Jessica Beck

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Stan and Oleta's Secret to Love

The Olsen’s Established in 1951 “Home should be an anchor, a port in a storm, a refuge, a happy place in which to dwell, a place where we are loved and where we can love.” ~Marvin J. Ashton Stan hung out with Oleta’s brother and knew her family well; in fact their families knew one another. However it wasn’t until later when he officially met Oleta and in one word he describes that moment as, WOW! Their first date was to a movie at the Fox Theatre in Richmond, California. As their relationship progressed Oleta was focused on school and Stan entered into the service within the branch of the Navy. Stan was on leave for a week and during that ti …

by Jessica Beck

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Myron and Birdies's Secret to Love

The Paine’s Established in 1959 “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ~William Shakespeare  Myron and Birdie Paine met in a church group for singles in South Dakota, he had just come back from staff. On their first date he walked her home from a party and hayride where she reached out and took his hand. She did not want to walk home alone with the other guy’s that offered to walk her home. From that first walk they began to go out for coffee often, slowly getting to know each other. He proposed to her on Valentine’s Day with a heart shaped chocolate box, asking her to marry him. However, Birdie declined and said sh …

by Jessica Beck

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