Resident Spotlight – Harry Bowers of Carlton Concord
Carlton Senior Living Blog | June 28, 2021

Resident Spotlight - Harry Bowers of Carlton Concord

Harry Bowers moved from San Francisco to Concord, California with his family when he was a child. In the 1960s Harry started his career as an insurance agent with Allstate Insurance and later opened a successful independent insurance agency in Concord. During this time, we was also active in the community through various leadership roles. Harry was the Concord Chamber of Commerce Board President, Rotary Club of Concord President and also served as a long-term board member – and Board President of Mt. Diablo Medical Center. Harry loved his work at the Mt. Diablo Medical Center and spent many hours in volunteer roles, including serving as ambas …

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“Let’s Dig In, Go Green & Talk Recycling”
Carlton Senior Living Blog | November 15, 2020

"Let's Dig In, Go Green & Talk Recycling"

Today we recognize America Recycles Day, a day to spread awareness of keeping our communities beautiful and sustainable for future generations. We are excited to showcase the efforts of Denee Coleman, one of Carlton Senior Living’s Inbound Marketing Specialists, who has gotten involved in cleaning up her local Contra Costa community of Martinez, California.  The above photo of Denee was taken at Nancy Boyd Park in Martinez across from Contra Costa Fire Station 13. “You can make a meaningful difference in your community, even if it’s in a small way, like picking up litter.” -Denee Coleman, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Carlton Senior Living De …

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A New Day: 7 Key Benefits of Assisted Living Communities
Assisted Living | March 22, 2020

A New Day: 7 Key Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

By Times Square Chronicles Until somewhat recently, seniors were faced with only three possible options after retirement. If the person fell ill or developed severe health problems, those options dwindled to two. And for most seniors, neither of the options were very welcoming. Aging family members can become a financial and emotional burden for their children. This is especially true during times of economic hardship. As such, many elderly choose to maintain an independent life away from their children. But when medical needs become dire, independence may not always be possible. In the past, the most suitable option in these cases seemed to …

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Resident Spotlight – Jacque Andrews
Carlton Senior Living | February 24, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Jacque Andrews

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jacque Andrews — Jacque was born on October 22, 1931, in Topeka, Kansas to parents Ralph and Ann Pantier and was the second of two daughters. Jacque’s older sister, Barbara, was more beautiful and social and she felt like she grew up in her older sister’s shadow. After junior high, the Pantier family moved to Manhattan, Kansas and Jacque graduated from high school there in 1949. Jacque went on to attend Kansas State University where a stroke of fate and an error in her class schedule would lead to meeting her future husband. During her junior year of college, Jacque had intended to become a home …

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Honoring Carlton’s Awesome Activity Teams
Carlton Senior Living | January 20, 2020

Honoring Carlton's Awesome Activity Teams

Carlton’s activity teams are essential in engaging, inspiring and enriching the lives of seniors through our dynamic Personal Expressions program. It’s not just all fun and games for our Personal Expressions teams, they also help to promote the well-being residents by meeting their social, physical and cognitive needs through programs that are tailored to their needs and interests. Whether they are leading an activity, hosting Happy Hour, facilitating a community event or coordinating Carlton’s transportation services, our Personal Expressions teams are always on the move. Did we mention these teams also create the monthly community newslette …

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Resident Spotlight- Ashok & Shaila Patwahrdhan
Carlton Senior Living Concord | September 21, 2019

Resident Spotlight- Ashok & Shaila Patwahrdhan

Meet Carlton Senior Living resident spotlight couple- Ashok & Shaila Patwahrdhan. Ashok was born in Nagpur, India on July 21, 1937. He is the oldest of three boys. In October 1972 they moved to California for a new job since his last one had ended in New York. He got married to his wife on May 11,1961 in Bombay, India. They got married only a few weeks after getting to know each other and would not have it any other way. The had a big wedding with friends and family joining to celebrate the big day. They have 2 boys and a girl and appreciate when they spend time together since they are all not close by. They have four granddaughters and o …

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2018 Annual Best of the Best East Bay Winners

Carlton Senior Living’s “Best of the Best” awards honor associates, in all departments and all positions from our culinary team to our Executive Directors, who have gone above and beyond. These chosen individuals are honored quarterly and annually. They are those within our company who have provided particularly high-quality customer service in memorable experiences for our residents, their families and fellow associates. These individuals exemplify the Carlton Commitments to Love, Honor and Provide. Annually each year, the annual “Best of the Best” winners are chosen out of those who had won in the past four quarters of the given year. The w …

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Carlton Senior Living Concord | February 27, 2019

Myron and Birdies's Secret to Love

The Paine’s Established in 1959 “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ~William Shakespeare  Myron and Birdie Paine met in a church group for singles in South Dakota, he had just come back from staff. On their first date he walked her home from a party and hayride where she reached out and took his hand. She did not want to walk home alone with the other guy’s that offered to walk her home. From that first walk they began to go out for coffee often, slowly getting to know each other. He proposed to her on Valentine’s Day with a heart shaped chocolate box, asking her to marry him. However, Birdie declined and said sh …

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Carlton Senior Living Concord | February 9, 2019

Charles and Esther's Secret to Love

Charles and Esther Doolin Established 1948 “Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” ~Miles Davis Charles and Esther Doolin met in high school, she was a sophomore and he was, as he recalls a “special student” since he still had one semester to finish. Their first date was to the movie theaters but they don’t remember what movie they saw. Their first dance was at the Dream Bowl in Napa where they danced country western. They remember dancing to a Johnny Cash song during one of the dances. Esther stated that when he asked her to marry him she said no, until one day she decided to accept his proposal. Charles stated their was an immedia …

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Resident Spotlight – Juanita Erickson
Carlton Senior Living Concord | November 25, 2018

Resident Spotlight - Juanita Erickson

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Juanita Erickson – Juanita was born on July 29, 1928, in Prairie, Oklahoma to Will and Edna Melugin. She was a “Depression Baby” and her family, which included two sisters and one brother, moved in with her grandparents with everyone in the household working in order to survive. She even remembers going to work with her grandmother sometimes. Juanita attended college in Kansas and growing up she always wanted to be a teacher, a profession which she enjoyed for 23 years. Aside from becoming a parent, her proudest moment was being selected most outstanding graduate at Northeast State where she majo …

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Recipes | November 14, 2018

Maco's Cranberry Jello Salad

“This recipe was a family favorite at Thanksgiving- made with love by my Maco. I called her Maco because I couldn’t get “Grandma” out when I was learning to talk! I make this every Thanksgiving in her memory. She passed from Alzheimer’s in 1992.”   Our very own Lori Thames, Executive Director from our Carlton Senior Living Concord Community shares with us this Thanksgiving Holiday her grandmother’s recipe for Cranberry Jello Salad. If you are interested in more recipes from our residents, our associates and their families you can order your own copy of the Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill’s “Cookbook For A Cure.” 100% of the proceeds are d …

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Resident Spotlight – James Weeks
Carlton Senior Living Concord | November 11, 2018

Resident Spotlight - James Weeks

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, James “Jim” Weeks – James was born on May 15, 1943, in Saint Louis, Missouri to Mary Kunz and James Weeks. His sister, Sandy Shy, now lives in Southern California, sisters Laurie McLean and Rose Mary Mayo live in Missouri, and his brother Richard Hoepfner now lives Tennessee. As a child growing up he always wanted to be like his dad, a hardworking man. His dad worked for the same company for 40 years which amazed him and learned the true value of work. Jim’s favorite childhood memory is living with his grandmother who he felt was the smartest lady and best cook. His first job was at Western Union …

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