Resident Spotlight – Peggy De La Cruz
Carlton Senior Living | February 16, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Peggy De La Cruz

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Peggy Del La Cruz – Peggy was born in Carnegie, Nebraska. She was the second to last child of 12 children. Peggy and her late husband, Faustino, were married in Reno, Nevada on New Year’s in 1950 which also happened to be her groom’s only day off. Together they shared four children, 14 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. Peggy and Faustino were married for almost 70 years prior to his passing in 2019. Peggy worked at Joann Fabrics for 10 years. Some words of wisdom are, “go to church and never lie.” Some words to describe Peggy are friendly, happy, and loving. One thing that Peggy is looki …

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Honoring Carlton’s Awesome Activity Teams
Carlton Senior Living | January 20, 2020

Honoring Carlton's Awesome Activity Teams

Carlton’s activity teams are essential in engaging, inspiring and enriching the lives of seniors through our dynamic Personal Expressions program. It’s not just all fun and games for our Personal Expressions teams, they also help to promote the well-being residents by meeting their social, physical and cognitive needs through programs that are tailored to their needs and interests. Whether they are leading an activity, hosting Happy Hour, facilitating a community event or coordinating Carlton’s transportation services, our Personal Expressions teams are always on the move. Did we mention these teams also create the monthly community newslette …

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2018 Annual Best of the Best South Bay Winners

Carlton Senior Living’s “Best of the Best” awards honor associates, in all departments and all positions from our culinary team to our Executive Directors, who have gone above and beyond. These chosen individuals are honored quarterly and annually. They are those within our company who have provided particularly high-quality customer service in memorable experiences for our residents, their families and fellow associates. These individuals exemplify the Carlton Commitments to Love, Honor and Provide. Annually each year, the annual “Best of the Best” winners are chosen out of those who had won in the past four quarters of the given year. The w …

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Resident Spotlight – Ray Rohrbach

Resident Spotlight - Ray Rohrbach

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Ray Rohrbach – Ray was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1936. He was married to his wife, Cathy, for over 30 years and they shared three children and eight grandchildren. Ray is a veteran and served in the United States Air Force for several years before moving west to California. Ray says, “he was a technical writer for the Silicon Valley by day, and a crime fighting ninja at night.” He had written over twenty technical books throughout his career. Clean-shaven Ray in 2017 Nowadays, you can find Ray hanging out in the Carlton Café or speeding down the hallway to catch the baseball game on TV …

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Resident Spotlight – Kathy Jones & Little Dog

Resident Spotlight - Kathy Jones & Little Dog

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Kathy Jones and her canine companion, Little Dog – Little Dog was a rescue animal placed on Kathy’s doorstep about 5 years ago. Kathy’s son, Glen, found the lost little pup on his morning walk and quickly scooped her up as he could tell the young dog was cold and very hungry. Glen then decided to take the puppy to the home of his mom, Kathy. He knocked on Kathy’s door and once she answered he handed over the wrapped up dog and said, “see ya later, Mom.” Kathy and “Little Dog” have been together ever since. Little Dog is now about 6 years-old and Kathy feels like the two were meant to be together …

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Resident Spotlight – Doris Miller

Resident Spotlight - Doris Miller

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Doris Miller – Doris was born in Oakland, California on April 6, 1933. She was married for 20 years, has two children, and one grandchild. When asked what words of wisdom she has to offer others, Doris said “be strong and be family” and also to “love like everyone is your family.” Doris worked for Shedd’s part-time and retired after 30 years in 1996. Her favorite activities are watching her television and going out on Shopping Shuttles offered at Carlton Senior Living Fremont. She likes living at Carlton because it is nice and quiet and never runs into problems. Doris is a very humorous lady who …

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Carlton Senior Living Fremont | February 20, 2019

Melanie and Seiji's Secret to Love

Seiji & Melanie Yoshinobu Established 1960 “Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.” ~Robert Henri Melanie and Seiji, high school sweethearts, first met when she was 14 and he was 17. Their families knew one another and they both were accomplished students. Seiji was a star on the football team and Melanie was a cheerleader that caught his eye. He was intrigued by her hula dancing. Their first date was at El Patio in Monterey. Yet, for Melanie it was certainly not love at first sight, in fact she recalls she “hated him, he was too macho!” Yet, after sometime of getting to kn …

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Resident Spotlight – Margie Garciduenas
Carlton Senior Living Fremont | January 6, 2019

Resident Spotlight - Margie Garciduenas

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Margie Garciduenas – Margie is of Mexican/American descent and was born in San Jose, California on June 10, 1954. Margie was raised in Union City and, after high school, she had odd jobs; one was at National Semiconductor in Santa Clara. She did the final testing of the diodes (capacitors). In 1974, Margie joined the US Navy hoping to learn more about electronics and was trained as a radioman using transmitters to relay communication to the fleet. She served in the Navy for 17 years and was then placed on Temporary Disability Retirement for five years. While on temporary retired leave, Margie wen …

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Alzheimer’s Care | November 1, 2018

Walking Together to End Alzheimer's

This year Carlton Senior Living communities collectively participated in three different walks hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association. Recruiting a total of nearly 140 participants we took a walk in Sacramento on September 29th, Silicon Valley on October 13th and Walnut Creek on October 20th. At this time, we are thrilled to announce that we have raised a total of $22,897.00! We at Carlton Senior Living have been helping and caring for residents since 1985 and we want to continue helping whenever we can by giving back to our local communities. The Alzheimer’s Association is an American non-profit voluntary health organization that focuses on c …

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Resident Spotlight – Ralph Bolestra
Carlton Senior Living Fremont | September 2, 2018

Resident Spotlight - Ralph Bolestra

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Ralph Bolestra – Ralph was born on June 12th in Sioux, South Dakota. He is full blooded Sioux Native American and was birthed the native way of the tribe, in a tipi. In 1957 he moved to California and prior to working on the pipelines from Wyoming to Idaho, he was a supervisor at the Meredith Seafood Plant in Sacramento. He had one daughter and has 4 grandchildren. Lorraine Pine and Ralph have been together for 15 years and they love to play bingo here at Carlton Senior Living Fremont. Ralph and Lorraine are comfortable here at Carlton after experiencing the activities and being around everyone. …

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Resident Spotlight – Della Braga
Carlton Senior Living Fremont | August 26, 2018

Resident Spotlight - Della Braga

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Della Braga – Della was born on October 20th in Madrid, New Mexico and raised in Santa Clara, California. She moved to California when she was six years old. Della was married for 25 years to a wonderful man. Together they had 3 children: 2 girls, 1 boy, and 6 grandchildren. Della worked as the CEO Assistant for President of Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space for 25 years. She started from the bottom and worked her way to the top. She loves golf and belonged to a ladies golf club. Della is a very friendly, kind, and open-minded woman who would never take anything for granted. Della’s words of w …

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What's Your Color?

When you think about it we use our hands daily in so much of what we do. We speak with hand gestures, at times even more than we talk, we sign important documents and even create masterpieces with our hands. They can be used as universal signs of greeting those we meet or love with a handshake, a wave or blowing a kiss. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that for most of us we choose our nail color to display our personality as well. The beauty of this is that whether we are adventurous, loud and outgoing or soft spoken, subtle and introverted there is a color for you that will match impeccably! In honor of National Nail Polish day we t …

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