Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Dr. Carl Haller

Resident Spotlight - Dr. Carl Haller

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Dr. Carl Haller – Carl was born December 9, 1928, to Edward and Rae. Carl was a child of the Great Depression and is a member of the “Greatest Generation.” From the age of 16 until retirement at the age of 84, Carl never missed a day of work, never took a sick day and never cut a class. During the depression, his family moved from coast to coast seeking work and suffering the deprivation of that terrible period. They eventually settled in the West Bronx in New York City. He graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in 1947. In 1949, instead of being drafted in the Army, Carl enlisted into the U …

by Denee Coleman

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Rose and Joe's Secret to Love

Rose and Joe Girimonte Established 1955 “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  VIctor Hugo Rosalie “Rose” was born in Richmond, California, where she and Joe first met.  Joe’s family had relocated to Richmond and Joe became friends with Rose’s older brother Ray.  Joe paid Rose no notice except as his pal’s kid sister. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight given the circumstances. However, after high school graduation Joe joined the Navy and while on leave in Richmond he saw Rose’s high school graduation photo and couldn’t believe his eyes.  It of course is only fitting that their first date wa …

by Jessica Beck

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Melanie and Seiji's Secret to Love

Seiji & Melanie Yoshinobu Established 1960 “Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.” ~Robert Henri Melanie and Seiji, high school sweethearts, first met when she was 14 and he was 17. Their families knew one another and they both were accomplished students. Seiji was a star on the football team and Melanie was a cheerleader that caught his eye. He was intrigued by her hula dancing. Their first date was at El Patio in Monterey. Yet, for Melanie it was certainly not love at first sight, in fact she recalls she “hated him, he was too macho!” Yet, after sometime of getting to kn …

by Jessica Beck

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Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Celeste Van Fleet

Resident Spotlight - Celeste Van Fleet

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Celeste Van Fleet – Celeste was born November 18, 1923, to parents Albert and Celeste Clark, in Baltimore, Maryland. She had two siblings, Dorothy Ann, and Jim. Jim passed away at an early age after an aircraft accident while he was in the US Air Force. Celeste attended public school at Roland Park and was an Arts and Crafts major at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in the heart of Baltimore. She met and married Robert Samuel Van Fleet, an officer candidate at the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He was a journalist, and the two moved to Middletown, New York, his hometow …

by Eric Demuth

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Yolo Wine Dinner

The Davis Senior Center hosted a Yolo Wine Dinner during the week of love and our Carlton Senior Living Davis community was honored to be chosen to cater the event. Chef MJ and Lead Cook Ben joined together to present a three course plated dinner that was accompanied by a wonderful selection of both red and white wines from Yolo County.                 The wines were all selected from the following Yolo County wineries; Black’s Station, Scribner Bend, Bogle, Matchbook, Capay Valley and Dancing Coyote. The goal was to support local wineries and to showcase some of the best wine options in our very own ba …

by Jessica Beck

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Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

The internet is a great resource and offers a wealth of information including your personal and private information. Because so much of your personal information is easily accessed online it’s especially important to be vigilant in protecting yourself from those who may try to use your information with dishonest motives. Seniors, unfortunately, have become prime targets for many modern-day scammers but there are many techniques that can be used to identify possible criminals before they can cause any harm. Here are a few internet safety tips to help you stay protected online: Never Assume a Stranger Online is Trustworthy Unless you have a rea …

by Denee Coleman

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Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Paul Schmidt

Resident Spotlight - Paul Schmidt

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Paul Schmidt – Paul was born in the East Bay in Oakland, California. He attended San Jose City College and later transferred to San Jose State University. Paul was a police officer with the City of San Jose for 30 years and, after retiring, he became a reserve officer. He was also in the U.S. Coast Guard during the 1960s. While with the police force, Paul became a youth soccer coach with the San Jose Police Activities League (PAL). Despite not knowing anything about soccer when he began coaching, Paul was eventually named PAL Coach of the Year. Because Paul is so tall at a height of 6 feet 4 inch …

by Denee Coleman

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Charles and Esther's Secret to Love

Charles and Esther Doolin Established 1948 “Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” ~Miles Davis Charles and Esther Doolin met in high school, she was a sophomore and he was, as he recalls a “special student” since he still had one semester to finish. Their first date was to the movie theaters but they don’t remember what movie they saw. Their first dance was at the Dream Bowl in Napa where they danced country western. They remember dancing to a Johnny Cash song during one of the dances. Esther stated that when he asked her to marry him she said no, until one day she decided to accept his proposal. Charles stated their was an immedia …

by Jessica Beck

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Chicken with Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

Lisa's Chicken with Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

With cold and flu season in full force, we’re highlighting this family chicken soup recipe from Lisa Spivey, Retirement Counselor at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill. Although eating chicken soup to help fight the common cold was once considered “an old wives’ tale,” it is now believed to be true according to several studies. Scientists believe that a bowl of chicken soup may reduce inflammation of the lungs while boosting the immune system. Lisa’s children definitely won’t dispute the benefits of a warm bowl of homemade soup: Lisa’s son, Dominic (14), loves matzo ball soup! “My husband’s mother, Betty, was Jewish and her family m …

by Denee Coleman

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"The Ball" Our Resident's Interpretation

The Quarterly Creation Project was created at Carlton Senior Living with the intent to offer our residents in the Memory Care communities the opportunity to give and create an interpretation of their own regarding a renowned painting or photograph. This project allows the residents to be more than just a part of the creation, they lead it from beginning discussions, to the interpretation of it and the direction in which they wish to display how they view it. All aspects of the projects are hand crafted or chosen by residents from the people characterized in it or the message of it, each one reflective of that given communities unique viewpoin …

by Jessica Beck

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Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Darla Bartolomei

Resident Spotlight - Darla Bartolomei

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Darla Bartolomei – In English, the meaning of the name Darla is Darling from the Old English “dearling” a true word that best describes our very own Darla. Her upbeat and magnetic personality always brings excitement to others lives. She was born April 7, 1938, in Martinez, California to an English father and Canadian mother. Darla’s father worked for Shell Oil Company for forty-two years. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom whom Darla and her sister had the best of childhood memories that kept them very happy. Darla graduated from Alhambra High School in 1956 and she worked with Shell Oil Company …

by Denee Coleman

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Honoring Our Poet's Corner Activity Leader

This week we celebrate National Activity Professionals Week by taking a moment to honor our amazing Personal Expression Managers, Memory Care Programming Managers and Memory Care Programming Assistants at our various communities.  Taking the time, day in and day out, to focus on enriching the lives of our residents by promoting overall wellness through physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual engagement these associates support our social model and vision to love, honor and provide in the quality of life for our residents. Today we honor our Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner community Memory Care Programming Manager Toni Jones. Toni …

by Jessica Beck

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