Resident Spotlight - Elaine Anderson

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Elaine Anderson – Elaine was born February 6, 1946, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to parents Carl and Marion. She has one older sister, Diane, who also lives in Davis. Her father was secretary and a founding member of Memorex, maker of computer tapes, disk drives, and other computer components. Her mother was a housewife. She also painted watercolors, oil, and acrylics, displaying her art in many fairs and often winning blue ribbons. Her family moved to Burlington, Wisconsin, and at the age of four, Elaine contracted poliovirus, four years before the first successful vaccine was developed. Elaine at …

by Eric Demuth

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Living with Purpose

“The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.” – Octavia Spencer The transition into late adulthood can carry with it both fear of the unknown and inevitable change. By understanding the physical move itself, we can acknowledge the impact of leaving one’s home and moving into a community and can learn to recognize the adaptation that must take place for the individual. A senior will typically undergo three phases during this process: the overwhelmed phase, the adjustment phase and the initial acceptance phase. Feeling Overwhelmed The overwhelmed phase is best categorized by feelings surrounding one’s self. The senior may proce …

by Jessica Beck

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Resident Spotlight - Marie Sawers

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Marie Sawers – You will often find Marie playing her favorite card game Kings in the Corner along with her card playing buddies. If she is not doing that then she’s likely doing her exercises at the Morning Stretch, or playing Balloon Volleyball, or Bingo. Otherwise, she will be crafting away making dozens of crochet items for the annual Carlton Holiday Boutique in December. Not bad for a lady who is ninety-nine years old. Marie Sawers was born on August 8, 1919 in San Jose California, the firstborn of five sisters to Angelina and Salvatore Megna. Her father Salvatore wanted to name her Marie Con …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Juanita Erickson

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Juanita Erickson – Juanita was born on July 29, 1928, in Prairie, Oklahoma to Will and Edna Melugin. She was a depression baby and her family, which included two sisters and one brother, moved in with her grandparents with everyone in the household working in order to survive. She even remembers going to work with her grandmother sometimes. Juanita attended college in Kansas and growing up she always wanted to be a teacher, a profession which she enjoyed for 23 years. Aside from becoming a parent, her proudest moment was being selected most outstanding graduate at Northeast State where she majore …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Greta Heinemeier

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Greta Heinemeier – Greta was born February 19, 1935 in Anna, Illinois, a small town about 120 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri near the Mississippi River. Her father was a Lutheran minister and held his first congregation in Anna. Greta had one brother, four years older than her, who she describes as “incredibly smart and a Navy man.” Greta models her mother’s purse. Her mom was a flapper! The family eventually moved to Evansville, Indiana, where her father continued his services to the Lutheran church. He, unfortunately, lost his ability to speak and the family again relocated to St. Louis …

by Eric Demuth

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A Treasure Earned on Treasure Island by Resident, Doris Miller

Carlton Senior Living loves to share the stories of our wonderful residents. This story was written by Doris Miller, a military spouse, as a tribute to her husband, Charles, and their enduring love.  “Before we had married my husband, Charles, was stationed at the Treasure Island Naval Base with my family living close by in Oakland. My mother had an old iron resting on the shelf of our garage. One day, my husband-to-be asked my mother if he might borrow the iron. My mother said, “of course” and so Charles left with the iron that day. Some months later, when I received my engagement ring from Charles, I learned of how the story came together. …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - James Weeks

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, James “Jim” Weeks – James was born on May 15, 1943, in Saint Louis, Missouri to Mary Kunz and James Weeks. His sister, Sandy Shy, now lives in Southern California, sisters Laurie McLean and Rose Mary Mayo live in Missouri, and his brother Richard Hoepfner now lives Tennessee. As a child growing up he always wanted to be like his dad, a hardworking man. His dad worked for the same company for 40 years which amazed him and learned the true value of work. Jim’s favorite childhood memory is living with his grandmother who he felt was the smartest lady and best cook. His first job was at Western Union …

by Denee Coleman

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Honoring Our Veterans: Stories of Service

Carlton Senior Living is thankful to our many veterans for their dedication and service to our country and we’re proud to share their stories with you in honor of Veterans Day.   Wayne Springsteen – Army Air Corp, Air Force Active Reserve Springsteen enlisted in the Army Air Corp in Boise, Idaho. He completed training in the Aviation Cadet Program and qualified for bomber pilot, fighter pilot, navigator and bombardier. During his years in the Army, his duties included working on the flight line with B-25’s and B-17’s. He also cleaned and rebuilt Browning 50 Caliber machine guns for the B-17. After the war, he joined the Air Force Active …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Mary Shepherd

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Mary Ryan Shepherd — Mary was born on July 23, 1930 in Los Angeles, California. She and her siblings were raised as devoted Catholics. Mary’s family settled in Oakland in 1939 and her mother stayed at home while her father worked. Despite losing everything in the depression, Mary’s parents had faith and good hearts and raised their children to be giving and grateful people. Mary Shepherd with daughter, Shannon. Mary’s religion has remained a priority in her life and she attends Christ the King in Pleasant Hill. After graduating high school, Mary helped her parents by getting a job at an electrica …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Joe & Leona Robinson

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight residents, Joe and Leona Robinson – Joe Robinson was born on August 7, 1935, in Long Beach, California. He has four sisters and a brother. Leona was born on October 14, 1932, in Tacoma Park, Maryland. She had a younger sister who has since passed. Prior to meeting they had both worked at restaurants as their first job and Leona was a waitress and Joe, a dishwasher. Leona was a bookkeeper and housewife because she enjoyed caring for her kids and doing different things with them. Joe has had different jobs over the years but the job he liked the most is being a marine painter. He has always enjoyed paintin …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Don Bordenave

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Don Bordenave – Don has lived in Northern California all his life and attended Santa Clara University on a football scholarship. In 1950 his team, the Santa Clara Broncos, played in the Orange Bowl and won in an upset against the Kentucky Wildcats. Football continues to be a great passion for Don and he enjoys watching the games on TV. Don was in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in college and later joined the Army and served during the Korean War. After the war, Don began a career in education and was a high school teacher and later principal for Santa Clara High School, and also coac …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Jack & Joanne Chambers

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight residents, Jack and Joanne Chambers. Joanne Chambers was born October 31, 1938, in Pratt, Kansas, a small town 80 miles west of Wichita. Being brought up in a farming family required a lot of hard labor and grit, and Joanne remembers her and her sister, ages 9 and 5 respectively, had to cook dinner for nine people each night. She had three brothers and one sister. Jack Chambers was born October 14, 1929, a mere two weeks before the stock market crash of Black Tuesday, triggering the events leading to the Great Depression. Jack was born in Oakland, but following the death of his father, moved to Fallon, Nev …

by Eric Demuth

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