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Resident Spotlight – Donna Rolls
Resident Spotlights | May 24, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Donna Rolls

Meet Donna Rolls, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – Donna de Saint Croix Rolls was born on August 6, 1931 in Arlington, Massachusetts to Frances and Donald Wood. She was named Donna after her father and her unique middle name had been passed down through her mother’s family for four generations. Naturally, when Donna gave birth to her own daughter, Allison, she also passed on the middle name. Donna was raised Unitarian Universalist, a religion which traces its roots back nearly 450 years to 16th Century Transylvania. Her mother took care of the home and family while her father was a self-employed gold and silver smith. Due to the n …

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Resident Spotlight – Elsie Gabby
Carlton Senior Living | May 17, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Elsie Gabby

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Elsie Gabby – Elsie Jane (Bradbury) Gabby was born December 22, 1946 to parents Clara and Byron Bradbury. She has five younger siblings: Robert, Shirley, David, Sharon, and Brian. Her family home was in Johnson City, New York, a rural village along the New York/Pennsylvania border. She has wonderful memories of her childhood. Johnson City is “kind of a country town” and they spent lots of time outdoors and lived in a wonderful, big house. She enjoyed climbing trees and eating popsicles with her friends. She fondly remembers another friend who would bring her oranges. Elsie and her siblings were c …

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Resident Spotlight – Donna Skinner
Carlton Senior Living | May 11, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Donna Skinner

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Donna Skinner – Donna was born in Kansas on March 6, 1940 to parents Marie and Donald Roof. Donna is an only child. She grew up on a farm and her favorite childhood memories revolve around the farm—she fondly remembers helping with chores, including gathering eggs and working with the pigs. When Donna was a child, she wanted to become a nurse. Her mom was a nurse and she knew many other women who were nurses; in those days, it was one of the few careers open to women. Donna attended Ness City High School and was involved with a couple of different clubs, including Latin Club and Science Club. She …

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“His Life ‘Began’ with a Bike Ride to the New York World’s Fair” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | May 3, 2020

"His Life ‘Began’ with a Bike Ride to the New York World’s Fair" by Harriett Burt

Ed Vining moved into Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill-Martinez a few months ago from the Muir Oaks section of Martinez. He was born in North Carolina in 1925 shortly before his family moved to Montgomery, West Virginia. His father was a teacher and his mother was a housewife. He had two sisters. Ed is certain of one thing: “my life didn’t start until I was 14” when the 1939-40 World’s Fair opened in New York.  He wanted to see it, but his family wasn’t able to go. Ed around 1946 It was 1940 before he started the trip. How did he get there? “I rode my bike,” he replied. What??? Montgomery is nearly 500 miles from New York City! “Were your p …

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“Finding Love in the Midst of War” by Hariett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | April 19, 2020

"Finding Love in the Midst of War" by Hariett Burt

Many of us at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill-Martinez know Connie Malone but only a few remember her husband, Mike, who lived here from 2008 until his death in 2010. Connie is a first-generation American born of an Italian couple who immigrated to the United States around 1919 to build a better life. Mike, the son of an Indiana Presbyterian minister’s family, decided to sign up for a two-year enlistment in the Marine Corps in October 1941 so he could get the draft out of the way before resuming college to become a lawyer. Just two months later, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor radically changed Mike’s plan. By August 1942, he was an i …

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Resident Spotlight – Bud Schmidt
Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 22, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Bud Schmidt

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Bud Schmidt – Bud is originally from Missouri and served in the Navy on the USS Rogers as a Petty Officer during the Korean War. While onboard, Bud was involved in saving the life of a pilot whose plane went down in the ocean. Bud and his fellow crew members pulled the pilot to safety with a grappling hook. Bud has an Associate in Engineering degree from USC as well as an industry honorary engineering degree. He began working for Lockheed in Van Nuys, California after his service with the Navy was over. Bud then transferred to Lockheed in Sunnyvale in 1963. Bud and his wife Shirley were married f …

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“Lucy Hanson Remembers…” by Resident, Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | March 6, 2020

"Lucy Hanson Remembers..." by Resident, Harriett Burt

This article detailing a specific time period in the life of Lucy Hanson, a resident of Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill was written by fellow resident and Martinez News-Gazette writer, Harriett Burt. At one point in her life, an Arab fortune teller in French Algeria told teenage Lucienne ‘Lucy’ Hanson, “I see you in uniform. I see water very, very far away….” No matter how skeptical one might be about fortune tellers, this turned out to be a true vision. Lucy wore a U.S. Army uniform from 1945 until 1947 when she crossed the Atlantic as the bride of an American army officer with a baby on the way. Born in Aix-les-Baines, France in 1925, L …

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Resident Spotlight – Jim Enright
Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 1, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Jim Enright

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, James “Jim” Enright – Jim was born May 1, 1945 in Somerville, Massachusetts. His parents, Nora and John, were from County Kerry, Ireland. Jim has two siblings, Maryann (now Sister Maryann, since she became a Roman Catholic nun) and his late brother John. Sister Maryann and Jim are still very close and talk often. Jim’s favorite childhood memories revolve around another kid named Billy Connors. Jim always relished the moment to beat him up or get beat up by him. He stated that they were “always equally matched and no one else could fight us. I guess we did not agree on much.” Really, they were goo …

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Resident Spotlight – Jacque Andrews
Carlton Senior Living | February 24, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Jacque Andrews

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jacque Andrews — Jacque was born on October 22, 1931, in Topeka, Kansas to parents Ralph and Ann Pantier and was the second of two daughters. Jacque’s older sister, Barbara, was more beautiful and social and she felt like she grew up in her older sister’s shadow. After junior high, the Pantier family moved to Manhattan, Kansas and Jacque graduated from high school there in 1949. Jacque went on to attend Kansas State University where a stroke of fate and an error in her class schedule would lead to meeting her future husband. During her junior year of college, Jacque had intended to become a home …

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Resident Spotlight – Peggy De La Cruz
Carlton Senior Living | February 16, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Peggy De La Cruz

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Peggy Del La Cruz – Peggy was born in Carnegie, Nebraska. She was the second to last child of 12 children. Peggy and her late husband, Faustino, were married in Reno, Nevada on New Year’s in 1950 which also happened to be her groom’s only day off. Together they shared four children, 14 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. Peggy and Faustino were married for almost 70 years prior to his passing in 2019. Peggy worked at Joann Fabrics for 10 years. Some words of wisdom are, “go to church and never lie.” Some words to describe Peggy are friendly, happy, and loving. One thing that Peggy is looki …

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Resident Spotlight – Paul Camerer & Judi Cain
Carlton Senior Living | February 9, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Paul Camerer & Judi Cain

Meet Paul Camerer and Judi Cain, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight residents – Paul and Judi Cain have been together for four years and they met at Carlton Senior Living Sacramento. Judi is a Sacramento native and worked at the California Department of Motor Vehicles for over thirty years. She raised two children and two stepchildren with her husband, Larry. Paul was born in Illinois but traveled often with his family growing up. He was in the United States Air Force for 25 years and came to California in 1962. Paul was a high school teacher in the Sacramento and Folsom area for about 15 years where he taught physical science and auto mechani …

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Resident Spotlight – Sharon Ross
Carlton Senior Living | January 27, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Sharon Ross

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Sharon Ross – Sharon Ruth Hill Ross was born on May 28, 1941, in Ironwood, Michigan to parents Ruth and Bernard Hill. Bernard, her father, was very smart and climbed up the ladder in his career. He eventually oversaw the maintenance department at a steel mill. She has one younger brother, Bernard Jr. They still talk on the phone often and he is eager to drive out to visit her here at Carlton Senior Living Davis. As a child, Sharon moved around quite a lot for her father’s work. She was finally able to attend the same school from seventh grade all the way to twelfth grade. This gave her a chance t …

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