“An American Childhood an Ocean Away: The Story of Carlton Sisters Claudia Cook and Cindy Tilton,” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | April 10, 2021

“An American Childhood an Ocean Away: The Story of Carlton Sisters Claudia Cook and Cindy Tilton,” by Harriett Burt

All of us, whether we think so or not, have lives or parts thereof that are interesting to others. For most, it is something in our adult years that commands attention. But Claudia Cook and Cindy Tilton’s childhoods stand out compared to most of the rest of us because they grew up often outside of their native land. Their father, Claude Turner, Jr., was born in south-central Oklahoma in 1920 where his family owned a cattle ranch. Going to college in 1937, Mr. Turner joined the Army Air Corps in 1939 which became a separate branch of the military, the United States Air Force, at the end of World War II. Mr. Turner’s love of flying and his abil …

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Words of Wisdom from Carlton’s Newest Centenarian, Eunice Friedlander
Resident Spotlights | March 2, 2021

Words of Wisdom from Carlton's Newest Centenarian, Eunice Friedlander

Eunice Friedlander of Carlton Fremont joined the elite rank of centenarians on March 2, 2021. When asked what advice she has for younger generations, Eunice says, “go with your gut and do what feels right for you.” She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and one of her favorite childhood memories is ice skating. Eunice says she was very athletic in her youth and was the only girl pitcher on an all-boys baseball team. She was married to her husband for 54 years and together, they have three children, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. When Eunice was younger, she loved dancing with her husband. The couple enjoyed all ty …

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Iris & Ivan: Celebrating 59 Years of Marriage This Spring
Carlton Senior Living Blog | February 21, 2021

Iris & Ivan: Celebrating 59 Years of Marriage This Spring

Ivan and Iris Seppala celebrated their 58th anniversary last May. The same month they moved from their Clayton home of 47 years to Carlton Pleasant Hill-Martinez. The couple had met in the early 1950s at the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Rosburg, Washington. Ivan admits he wasn’t too impressed at the time with the slight Canadian girl. But two years later, when she came to a church gathering in Seattle, he saw Iris much differently. “She asked how us folks were doing,” he recalls. “Seriously, she cared about people.” Iris replied with the practicality her upbringing had instilled in her. “I was in nursing school. I wasn’t looking for a man.” H …

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John & Charlotte: Celebrating 70 Years of Love
Resident Spotlights | February 14, 2021

John & Charlotte: Celebrating 70 Years of Love

Charlotte was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in both Nebraska and Minnesota until she moved to San Jose, California in the fifth grade. One of her favorite childhood memories is being a Campfire Girl in Big Basin. She has been married to her husband John since August 1951. This year with be their 70th wedding anniversary! Together they have two children and two grandchildren. Charlotte’s previous occupation was a teacher. She started teaching second and third graders but soon got moved to teaching twelfth-grade math. Charlotte used to play both the piano and violin. She enjoys the group activities at Carlton Fremont. Her husband John wou …

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Resident Spotlight – Geoffrey Harmer
Carlton Senior Living | February 8, 2021

Resident Spotlight - Geoffrey Harmer

Geoffrey Harmer was born April 17, 1936 in Greenville, a small community in Plumas County, in northeastern California. Geoff’s parents, Millie and Ralph, were high school teachers. His father taught music and was a public school administrator. He is an only child. Geoff was a Boy Scout and eventually achieved the rank of Eagle Scout; becoming an Eagle Scout is his favorite childhood memory. After their time in Greenville, Geoff’s family moved to the small town of Quincy, where he attended high school. After graduating, he studied industrial engineering at Stanford University. With his degree, he became an assembly engineer and worked at vario …

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Resident Spotlight – John VerWey
Resident Spotlights | January 3, 2021

Resident Spotlight - John VerWey

Meet John VerWey, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – John was born on July 11, 1930 to parents Anna and Bert VerWey in Inwood, Iowa. His parents were Dutch immigrants who worked on a rented farm. John has three sisters—Susan, Anna-Mae, and Bernice—and one brother, Richard. John lived in Inwood until 1950 when he joined the United States Air Force. He served for three years and was stationed in Rapid City, South Dakota. While in the Air Force, John met his wife, Evelyn. She came to the airbase with a friend of hers who was dating a friend of his. John’s friend set them up on a blind date; John says he knew almost immediately that she …

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“Eileen Callahan: Typefaces, printing presses, books galore and ink, these are among her favorite things…”
Resident Spotlights | December 13, 2020

"Eileen Callahan: Typefaces, printing presses, books galore and ink, these are among her favorite things…"

Eileen Callahan was born in Ohio and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, the middle child in a family of four girls and two boys. Her father worked in public relations in New York City and her mother was a nurse. Eileen was a voracious reader who knew about San Francisco’s City Lights Book Store and its owner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, long before she came to San Francisco. That love of reading and writing and encouraging both activities by becoming a publisher here caused her to live most of her life quite happily in the Bay Area. Telling her mother on Saturday mornings that she was going to the Stamford Library, Eileen instead hopped on a train t …

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Resident Spotlight – Lou & Phyllis Isaacson
Carlton Senior Living Blog | December 6, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Lou & Phyllis Isaacson

Louis “Lou” Isaacson was born on January 20, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Stan and Jerene Isaacson. He had one younger brother, Bob. Lou’s family moved to Washington, D.C. in 1940 after his father got a job with the Navy. He went to elementary and high school in D.C. He studied chemistry at the University of Maryland and then physical chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Phyllis Wolfson Isaacson was born on May 17, 1938 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Leonard and Beth Wolfson. She has one younger sister, Norma. Phyllis grew up in Boston. She fondly remembers playing the piano for many high school shows and plays …

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“Which Army to Join? Scott Wan Chose the US over the Chinese,” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | November 29, 2020

"Which Army to Join? Scott Wan Chose the US over the Chinese," by Harriett Burt

Wan Qupi Sum was 16 when he made a life-changing choice 68 years ago. He could have remained in southern China where he was born in 1936 or he could come to America in 1952 where his father had lived as a farm laborer near Stockton since 1924. For years the father had worked hard in America to make enough money to support his Chinese family at home and to put aside to retire in America someday. In the late 1940s, history in the making would bring Qupi Sum and his eleven-year-old brother to America in 1952. The Chinese Communists had taken over China in 1949 after helping America’s World War II ally, the Nationalist Chinese, to drive out the J …

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Resident Spotlight – Lucy Day
Carlton Senior Living | November 1, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Lucy Day

Meet Lucy Day, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – Louise “Lucy” Day was born January 26, 1943 to parents Mary and Jim Day. Louise was born at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. She has two siblings—one older sister, Donna, and one younger brother, Jim. She, Donna, and Jim are still very close. They enjoy having dinner, going on walks, and seeing movies together. Her favorite childhood memories revolve around the family cabin in Bayfield, Ontario, on Lake Huron. She enjoyed watching the lake from the lookout tower. She and her siblings also loved climbing up and down the cliffs, despite the poison ivy that grew on them! Lucy grew u …

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Resident Spotlight – Frank Hopkins
Veterans | October 18, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Frank Hopkins

Meet Frank Hopkins, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – Francis “Frank” Hopkins was born June 6, 1942 in Lowell, Massachusetts to parents Frank and Kay Hopkins. Frank fondly remembers being a troublemaker as a kid. He also remembers being fascinated with photography; he wanted to become a photographer when he grew up. Frank still enjoys taking photographs at Carlton Davis events! Frank went to Lowell High School and the University of Miami. He joined the Air Force, during the Vietnam War, and served about four years. He was stationed on Crete and worked as a broadcaster for the same radio station that was portrayed in the movie “Good …

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“Two Worlds Meet at Carlton: The Story of Setsuko Iwawaki Brockman” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | October 11, 2020

"Two Worlds Meet at Carlton: The Story of Setsuko Iwawaki Brockman" by Harriett Burt

An interesting thing happened during the recent temporary re-opening of the dining room so that new wait staff could be trained on proper meal service techniques. Table seating of residents (two to a table or booth) were organized by Dining Room Manager, Janine Smith of Carlton Pleasant Hill-Martinez. Among the ‘two at a table’ next to a window were Blanche Perry and Setsuko Brockman. Both being friendly types, they started exchanging information about themselves right away. Blanche mentioned she had lived in Japan for two years after World War II with her US Air Force husband and their family. Lo and behold, it turned out Blanche had lived i …

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