Jerry Michaels, CSL Spotlight Resident

Resident Spotlight - Jerry Michaels

Jerry Michaels was born on December 8, 1937, in Arlington, Texas to Jerri “Bulla May” and Preston “Percy” Michaels. She is the second-eldest of four children and was raised with her siblings Shirley, Dewey and Jack. Her favorite childhood memory is having a loving family who always cares for one another always making the best of any situation. Jerry’s family moved to California from Texas when she was 4 years old from Texas and they were living in Concord when the big Port Chicago explosion occurred in 1944, which was very eventful. Witnessing historically significant events like the Port Chicago disaster and later Kennedy’s Assassination gav …

by Denee Coleman

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Let's Take a Walk

“When the world is so complicated the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.” Maria Shriver In this life, we learn early on, that acquiring knowledge is the best way to keep ourselves informed. It would come as no surprise that when we or someone we love receives a diagnosis of a health related ailment we instinctively begin to enlighten ourselves on what potentially could happen, what might have caused this diagnosis and ultimately how best to proceed forward with the treatment of it. At this time there are 327,178,060 Americans living in the United States and 5.7 million of them have been diagnosed and are living with Alzheim …

by Jessica Beck

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Resident Spotlight - Hank & Rhoda Bruett

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight residents, Hank and Rhoda Bruett. Hank was born in Brunsbüttel, in Northern Germany near Hamburg. His parents and whole family lived there, and as he puts it, “Everyone in my family lived within 35 miles of there, and we only had bicycles and no cars, so if you wanted to meet and marry someone, you would have to ride your bike to the nearest town.” Hank had an uncle living in Bolinas, in Marin County, who asked if Hank or his brother wanted to move out to California. Hank jumped at the idea and set forth for America when he was 19 years old. Rhoda was born in Woodland, California, where her grandmother ran …

by Eric Demuth

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Resident Spotlight - Betty Powell: Celebrating 5 Generations of Family

Proud grandmother of four, great-grandma of four more and great-great-grandma of one, Betty Powell is a source of inspiration to the younger members of her family. Betty visiting with granddaughter, Heather, and the latest addition to the family, Braiden. “My grandmother has been one of the most inspirational people in my life. She has taught me to keep a positive outlook on life, stay physically active, be kind and patient with others, and that there’s always a good reason to eat chocolate!” – Heather, Betty’s granddaughter   Read more about this amazing mother and grandmother who remains active and involved in her community at 103 year …

by Denee Coleman

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Grandparents Connect the Generations

You probably remember your grandparents telling tales from their childhood—their struggles, triumphs and what it was like growing up back then. At the time, you may not have understood the significance of these family stories and the lessons hidden within but now these anecdotes are likely among your collection of most treasured memories. Regardless of the relationship, you had with your grandparents, their mere existence no doubt influenced and shaped the person you are today. As a matter of fact, the role of grandparent is so significant and vital that National Grandparents Day was established to honor and affirm the unique role grandparent …

by Denee Coleman

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Resident Spotlight - Ralph Bolestra

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Ralph Bolestra – Ralph was born on June 12th in Sioux, South Dakota. He is full blooded Sioux Native American and was birthed the native way of the tribe, in a tipi. In 1957 he moved to California and prior to working on the pipelines from Wyoming to Idaho, he was a supervisor at the Meredith Seafood Plant in Sacramento. He had one daughter and has 4 grandchildren. Lorraine Pine and Ralph have been together for 15 years and they love to play bingo here at Carlton Senior Living Fremont. Ralph and Lorraine are comfortable here at Carlton after experiencing the activities and being around everyone. …

by Denee Coleman

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Broadening Horizons with a Positive Approach

At Carlton Senior Living we believe firmly in empowering our team members to seek out and gain knowledge and insight from professionals in the field. Within the US and Canada, Teepa Snow is acknowledged as one of the leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it. One of Carlton’s very own, Katheryn Winter, Manager of Talent Acquisition recently attended two-day training with Teepa Snow to become a Positive Approach to Care certified trainer. Katheryn, having graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development was extremely motivated to choose an internship with Carlton. She saw this opportunity as the perfec …

by Jessica Beck

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Chef Jon Platz, Carlton Senior Living

Chef Jon's Summer Broccoli Salad Recipe

To celebrate National Chef Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting a summer salad recipe from Chef Jon Platz of Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill. Chef Jon’s recipe is just one of many featured in Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill’s Cookbook For a Cure. This beautifully illustrated cookbook features a collection of original recipes from Carlton associates, residents, families and friends of Carlton Senior Living and was created as a way to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. This year, our goal is to raise $35,000 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and each book purchased moves us closer to that goal. The cookbook features a variety of recip …

by Denee Coleman

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Walk to End Alzheimer's 2018

The Carlton Senior Living Home Office alongside our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community joined together to promote and host a car wash in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. With all hands on deck we united to wash as many cars as possible collecting only donations. All proceeds gathered will be added to our total fundraising goal of $35,000 in our efforts to help benefit Alzheimer’s research and help to find a cure. Altogether from the car wash and founder contribution we raised a total of $1,272! This places our current raised total to $4,382 and we are just getting started! Carlton Senior Living’s person-centered app …

by Jessica Beck

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National System Administrator Appreciation Day

At Carlton Senior Living we believe that implementing technology advancements related to senior living is crucial to upholding our customer satisfaction and maintaining the safety of our residents. Today, for National System Administrator Appreciation Day, we are proud to take a moment to honor the man behind the scenes of our technology systems and the support he provides to Carlton, the residents, and our associates. Tuan Nguyen is our Vice President of Technology and has been with Carlton since he joined our family in 2002. With almost 20 years of IT experience he is nearing 16 years dedicated to a focus in assisted living. Tuan has grown …

by Jessica Beck

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Happy Hour Under the Sea

Remaining socially engaged is important for all people no matter what age. That’s one reason Carlton Senior Living offers such a wide range of social activities through our Personal Expressions program which are tailored to the interests of each individual and each community. At Carlton Senior Living one of the favorite and best attended activities are the weekly Happy Hours. Now, when you think “Happy Hour” the first thing that comes to mind is likely the traditional “cocktail” hour hosted by bars and restaurants which focus on drinks. Although a variety of beverages and appetizers are offered at Carlton’s Happy Hours, these weekly gathering …

by Denee Coleman

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All American Pet Photo Day

At Carlton Senior Living we seized the opportunity to charge our smart phones and cameras to take the perfect snapshots to celebrate All American Pet Photo day! Our Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill Community dedicated an afternoon event to host a parade for all of our beloved furry friends and we are excited to share with you the top dogs of the cat walk!       Jim T.’s dog “Koukla” and Betty’s dog “Buttons” certainly dressed patriotic for the occasion. Buttons made her second year debut at the parade. Some might even say that Koukla  and Buttons were “all wrapped up” in this event! To the right, Katy, Dining Room Server, brought her dog t …

by Jessica Beck

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