Carlton Honors Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Gave All by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | May 31, 2021

Carlton Honors Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Gave All by Harriett Burt

Carlton Pleasant Hill-Martinez celebrated Veterans Day last November by featuring the stories of some of the residents who served in World War II and Korea. It was so popular that we decided to do it again in May. But when it looked like it would be another set of stories about living veterans, this time including Vietnam, one of the vets pointed out that “Memorial Day is about those who died” in service to their country, not those who lived. It took a while but finally, the solution became apparent. We should feature the living veterans talking about those they knew, either as relatives or as buddies, who did not survive the war. The profile …

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Resident Spotlight – Salvador of Carlton Fremont
Carlton Senior Living Blog | April 25, 2021

Resident Spotlight - Salvador of Carlton Fremont

Salvador was born in San Jose, California and grew up in Union City. Some of his favorite childhood memories are playing sports – especially baseball, football, and basketball. While in the US Army, Salvador married his first wife and they were together for 29 years. Salvador was previously a union plumber in the Bay Area. When he was just 20 years old, he supervised a crew of 15 plumbers Salvador met his second wife on a blind date and the couple got married only one month later. He and his second wife were together for 10 years. Salvador enjoys traveling and going on cruises, finding restaurants in San Francisco, and going to casinos. At Ca …

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“Paul Moser: Part of An Invasion that Fortunately Never Happened,” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living Blog | January 10, 2021

"Paul Moser: Part of An Invasion that Fortunately Never Happened," by Harriett Burt

A short story from one of Carlton’s many veterans as written by Carlton Pleasant Hill-Martinez resident, Harriett Burt. Paul Moser graduated in 1942 from Pittsburg High School (California), a US Steel mill town across the country from the original US Steel mill in Pittsburg, (Pennsylvania). He and his three best friends signed up for the service in 1943, Paul choosing the US Navy’s V-12 program which trained young enlistees to be Naval officers. He took ‘basic training’ at San Mateo Junior College and was accepted to Midshipman School at Northwestern University in Chicago. It was a 90-day training program. When asked if that made him a ’90-da …

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Resident Spotlight – John VerWey
Resident Spotlights | January 3, 2021

Resident Spotlight - John VerWey

Meet John VerWey, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – John was born on July 11, 1930 to parents Anna and Bert VerWey in Inwood, Iowa. His parents were Dutch immigrants who worked on a rented farm. John has three sisters—Susan, Anna-Mae, and Bernice—and one brother, Richard. John lived in Inwood until 1950 when he joined the United States Air Force. He served for three years and was stationed in Rapid City, South Dakota. While in the Air Force, John met his wife, Evelyn. She came to the airbase with a friend of hers who was dating a friend of his. John’s friend set them up on a blind date; John says he knew almost immediately that she …

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“Which Army to Join? Scott Wan Chose the US over the Chinese,” by Harriett Burt
Carlton Senior Living | November 29, 2020

"Which Army to Join? Scott Wan Chose the US over the Chinese," by Harriett Burt

Wan Qupi Sum was 16 when he made a life-changing choice 68 years ago. He could have remained in southern China where he was born in 1936 or he could come to America in 1952 where his father had lived as a farm laborer near Stockton since 1924. For years the father had worked hard in America to make enough money to support his Chinese family at home and to put aside to retire in America someday. In the late 1940s, history in the making would bring Qupi Sum and his eleven-year-old brother to America in 1952. The Chinese Communists had taken over China in 1949 after helping America’s World War II ally, the Nationalist Chinese, to drive out the J …

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Resident Spotlight – Frank Hopkins
Veterans | October 18, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Frank Hopkins

Meet Frank Hopkins, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – Francis “Frank” Hopkins was born June 6, 1942 in Lowell, Massachusetts to parents Frank and Kay Hopkins. Frank fondly remembers being a troublemaker as a kid. He also remembers being fascinated with photography; he wanted to become a photographer when he grew up. Frank still enjoys taking photographs at Carlton Davis events! Frank went to Lowell High School and the University of Miami. He joined the Air Force, during the Vietnam War, and served about four years. He was stationed on Crete and worked as a broadcaster for the same radio station that was portrayed in the movie “Good …

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Resident Spotlight – Elsie Gabby
Carlton Senior Living | May 17, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Elsie Gabby

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Elsie Gabby – Elsie Jane (Bradbury) Gabby was born December 22, 1946 to parents Clara and Byron Bradbury. She has five younger siblings: Robert, Shirley, David, Sharon, and Brian. Her family home was in Johnson City, New York, a rural village along the New York/Pennsylvania border. She has wonderful memories of her childhood. Johnson City is “kind of a country town” and they spent lots of time outdoors and lived in a wonderful, big house. She enjoyed climbing trees and eating popsicles with her friends. She fondly remembers another friend who would bring her oranges. Elsie and her siblings were c …

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Resident Spotlight – Bud Schmidt
Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 22, 2020

Resident Spotlight - Bud Schmidt

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Bud Schmidt – Bud is originally from Missouri and served in the Navy on the USS Rogers as a Petty Officer during the Korean War. While onboard, Bud was involved in saving the life of a pilot whose plane went down in the ocean. Bud and his fellow crew members pulled the pilot to safety with a grappling hook. Bud has an Associate in Engineering degree from USC as well as an industry honorary engineering degree. He began working for Lockheed in Van Nuys, California after his service with the Navy was over. Bud then transferred to Lockheed in Sunnyvale in 1963. Bud and his wife Shirley were married f …

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Resident Spotlight – Jeannette MacDonald
Carlton Senior Living Davis | November 10, 2019

Resident Spotlight - Jeannette MacDonald

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jeannette MacDonald – Jeannette was born on July 8, 1938 in Glendale, California to Mary Louise and Malcolm MacDonald. She was raised in the town of Eagle Rock, in northeast Los Angeles. Jeannette has one brother, Malcom, who is two years younger than her. When they were children, they loved to run around barefoot in the foothills, “where there were snakes, ticks, and poison oak.” One of Jeannette’s most memorable moments from her childhood was learning to ride a horse. She began taking riding lessons when she was seven and she adored every opportunity she had to ride. She even had her own horse, …

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Resident Spotlight – Father Tom Burns

Resident Spotlight - Father Tom Burns

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Father Tom Burns – Born in San Francisco on November 22, 1925, to John Joseph (Joe) and Helen Burns, Tom was their firstborn child. Three and a half years later he was followed by his brother William. Joe worked for General Electric and Helen was a homemaker. Seeking warmer weather, the family moved to San Mateo when Tom was a baby. Although Tom and William were not close as youngsters they became great friends in early adulthood which lasted throughout their lives including attending seminary together and becoming priests. When Tom started school, he loved his kindergarten teacher so much he wan …

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Resident Spotlight – Dan Julian

Resident Spotlight - Dan Julian

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Dan Julian – Daniel “Dan” Julian was born in the beach town of Santa Barbara, California on July 21, 1923, to parents Frank and Esther. He had three brothers and a sister. Dan has eight children; he and his first wife had three children together and his second wife, Doris, already had five daughters when they married. Dan moved to Davis from Berkeley after his wife passed away, to be closer to family. He moved to Carlton Senior Living Davis in early May, making him one of our newest neighbors. Dan served in the United States Navy (Seaman 1st Class) during World War II. He initially tried to enlis …

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Resident Spotlight – Ray Rohrbach

Resident Spotlight - Ray Rohrbach

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Ray Rohrbach – Ray was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1936. He was married to his wife, Cathy, for over 30 years and they shared three children and eight grandchildren. Ray is a veteran and served in the United States Air Force for several years before moving west to California. Ray says, “he was a technical writer for the Silicon Valley by day, and a crime fighting ninja at night.” He had written over twenty technical books throughout his career. Clean-shaven Ray in 2017 Nowadays, you can find Ray hanging out in the Carlton Café or speeding down the hallway to catch the baseball game on TV …

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