The Vaccinations Are Here!


We at Carlton Senior Living have partnered with CVS to bring the COVID 19 vaccination to our residents. We are honored to work with such a reputable company to ensure our residents receive this necessary immunization. We would like to thank all of our beautiful residents, their families, friends, and our fantastic Community teams for your support throughout this time. You make us who we are!

Please see below for more information regarding the Vaccine.

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The Past 9 Months at Carlton Senior Living

At Carlton Senior Living, we have always taken the responsibility of caring for our senior population very seriously. We understand that our residents can be vulnerable and that they entrust us to partner with their physicians and their loved ones to ensure the best physical, mental, emotional, and social environment/experience for them. An intentional effort must be prioritized appropriately based on past experiences, present needs, and future possibilities.

Carlton Senior Living has always prioritized the resident experience and upholding a robust social model, but in the more recent years, we have implemented:

  • Live Training- surpassing State requirements
  • Infection Control Systems
  • Emergency Planning and Safety again exceeding necessary requirements
  • Innovative Tech Partnerships allowing for the utilization of the most up to date safety, communication, and engagement tools

All of these and the deliberate effort to always assure that our residents, their families, and our staff are happy that they chose Carlton is what has prepared us for what was to come in March.

When COVID hit, the impact took the world by surprise. We were presented with many obstacles as a nation and as an industry. As the ones responsible to the most vulnerable population, our beloved residents, it was time to revert to all of the systems and best practices that we had spent all that time training, learning, and mastering. We immediately:

  • Partnered with Public Health, the State, and CALA (California Assisted Living Association) and followed all of their recommendations
  • Implemented all CDC requirements and continued to monitor and enforce as they learned more and were able to update requirements
  • Utilized our existing communication systems to inform and keep our residents and loved ones updated and aware of the ever changing environment  
  • Brought on a physician who specializes in infectious control
  • Made sure we had all materials recommended and necessary to care for our residents safely

It was at this time that we had to rely on our core competencies. We could not and would not close our business; as stated before, we take the responsibility of caring for our residents very seriously. Our teams put their own fears and uncertainties aside as the pandemic, the recommendations and protocols changed. In words, we can never express the gratitude and admiration that we have for our dedicated teams, our heroes.

With its continual focus on the whole resident experience, Carlton knew that health, safety, and communication could not be our only focus. It is a well-known fact that isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and mental decline, the last thing a senior needs during the pandemic. Again, we reverted to our training and infection control guidelines and immediately put a program into place to keep the residents engaged and still following all Shelter in Place orders. In addition, we utilized new technologies that we had implemented to offer state of the art communication and engagement platforms. Our families partnered with us to schedule face time calls and window visits. Our President made a mandate early in the process that each resident will have at least 6 points of contact a day. Meal delivery became more of an event with beautifully plated room service, activity options, conversation, and sometimes even a joke. We were determined to create a sense of normalcy and calm in a challenging time.

Despite all of our world’s efforts, COVID is still here, and we are all still fighting the good fight to protect our residents, their loved ones, and our employees. It looks a lot different now than it did before. For the most part, our residents are able to:

  • Participate in group activities and go on outings
  • Enjoy a meal in the Dining Room with a friend
  • Most importantly, have visitors again

Of course, this looks different than it did before. Masks are worn, social distancing is taking place, items are disinfected after use, all visitors’ temperatures are taken, and the outdoors is utilized when it can be. We are making strides in the ability to give our residents that engaging, social life that they so enjoy and love.  

At Carlton, we believe the best reflection of our success is the opinion of our residents, their families, and our staff. That is why we are continually giving opportunities for constructive feedback. We are happy to state that our recent Shelter in Place Survey, and a Great Place to Work survey resulted in excellent results from both our residents and our staff. The message that meant the most to us as a company from our residents was that every resident relied that would rather have been at Carlton than anywhere else during these challenging times. Knowing that we are providing the security and comfort our residents need during this time is a perfect example of why we do what we do. Our staff said this was by far the greatest place to work.

No one can predict what our world will look like post-Covid but what we can predict is that we will always put our best efforts into keeping our residents safe from this virus and living their best life, our greatest responsibility.


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