dementia-care-davis-carlton-plaza-davisWhen it comes to the care of a loved one who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the dementia care Davis Assisted Living Center at Carlton Plaza offers the care and services that are needed. Offering a warm, loving atmosphere where the needs of those who need assistance when it comes to their daily living is offered through the signature memory care services at the Carlton Living Center.

What Carlton Senior Living Davis Offers for Residents

What many who visit our center notice first is the inviting, comfortable atmosphere of the plaza in which all the residents’ needs are met. It is a place that offers independent and assisted living for those who need a little help in their daily lives. There is a licensed, vocational nurse on the grounds that help residents with their daily needs when it comes to their overall health management, medication and diabetes control.

When it comes to the proper dementia care, the Carlton Plaza offers a number of services that help integrate those who need proper memory assistance with the community in general. The idea is to foster a normal, loving atmosphere that allows those who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as normal a life as they can possible lead.

“Our House” Memory Care – Carlton Senior Living Davis

The dementia care Davis center includes what is known as “Our House: which is the place where those who are in need of memory care will live in a free and open environment. There are a number of excellent features to this particular care unit which includes personalized music therapy and multi-sensory room which offers the latest treatments in an innovative manner.

The design of the dementia care center is such that residents will enjoy full, complete living while getting the proper services they need to assist in their struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This means that our residents get the type of treatment that actually helps them on a daily basis while being comforted in a warm and loving environment.

Why Our Residents Call the Carlton Plaza Home – Dementia Care Davis

In addition, everyone who lives at the Carlton Senior Living Davis enjoys a number of services that help make this center one of the best in the region. From the incredible location that includes nearby shopping, restaurants and entertainment to the amenities found on site that offer cleaning and laundry services along with many other features that offer that extra touch of care.

From the Carlton Café which is open 24/7 to room service for those who may be ill or under the weather, the Carlton is ready to meet your needs every hour of every day. With a complete schedule of activities that you can choose to participate in to special trips that offer new adventure, the Carlton Plaza is the place that our residents are proud to call home.

For those who want to take advance of our dementia care Davis services for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, let us show you our memory care center which provides them with the best in treatment in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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