Dementia Care Davis Asian Senior CitizenDementia covers a broad base of brain diseases and causes individuals to slowly lose the ability to think and remember. This can impact their daily lives and the lives of those close to them. When a loved one suffers from dementia it can be hard to understand what is happening to their body and it can be extremely scary and overwhelming for them. There are different types of dementia and some are more severe than others but no matter the type of dementia a good care facility like the Dementia Care Davis community is just what your family needs to feel safe and secure.

Carlton Senior Living Davis – Dementia Care Davis

The Dementia Care Davis community specializes in helping and caring for individuals that suffer from impairments related to dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for an individual that suffers from dementia can present a challenge as they require a unique style of care and environment. It can be difficult and stressful to care for a family member that has difficulties remembering where they are or who you are. Often times they require around the clock care and at our Dementia Care Davis center we offer our residents the best dementia care and help them regain the independence they have lost. This allows for those strained relationships to become loving and caring relationships once again.

A Calming Environment – Dementia Care Davis

Our dementia care facilities are secure areas that are also smaller than our assisted living communities. This is so that the environments are calming and allow us to provide the care that individuals with dementia need to feel safe and comfortable. There are many dementia related challenges and our care providers are trained to create the perfect approach for each resident at our communities. We know that every individual is different and that there are different ranges in severity and progression and we aim to provide the best care possible for all of our patients. We use the best practices in dementia care and have state of the art therapeutic treatment tools that give our residents the chance to live fulfilling and happy lives.

We have several different apartment types that allow for companion living while still allowing individuals to be independent. The professional assessment provided at move in allows for us to individualize all of the care plans for each of our residents. We also have socials and clinical reviews with family members so that all of our residents can truly live and enjoy their time at our communities.