Dementia Care Sacramento Senior ManWhen you have a loved one that suffers from Dementia they will have a lot of care challenges that you will be burdened with. However, you will not have to take on the challenges alone because here at Dementia Care Sacramento we can help you and your loved one with all these challenges and give them the best of care possible.

One of the things we can offer you here at Dementia Care Sacramento is a twenty four hour care team. Our care team will be able to assist with anything that you need any time of the day including medication management and any house hold things they may need. Not only can we offer them care twenty four hours a day but we will stay in contact with their physician to make sure they are given the best care possible. When we stay in contact with their doctor we will be giving them the care their doctor recommends.

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We offer apartments that are companion living suites this way our residents are not alone and have someone to be with them most of the time. A living companion gives the residents the opportunity to be social when in other places they may sit for hours and be alone. Our goal is not to have our residents be alone but to be social as much as possible so they get a better quality of life.

We offer house keeping services to make sure the property stays clean at all times. Your family member will not be living in a dirty apartment however, they will be in a clean one and we will have them help keep it clean to keep them busy and give them something to do so they feel like they are involved in their care still.

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We offer outside areas so that your loved ones can go outside and get fresh air when they want to. Each apartment will have a patio to sit on so they can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee if they like. We do not restrict our patience to being only inside however, we have a security system so that we know when someone goes out and when someone comes in. They can not just walk out of the property and we will never know about it. This is to keep them safe at all times. You will not have to worry about taking care of your loved on your own any more because we are here to help you every step of the way.