Senior Living SacramentoAs people continue to age and require more daily care, it can strain relationships in the family and put pressure on caregivers. It is important to consider senior living Sacramento options before that happens, not just to alleviate the pressure on the caregiver, but also because it can be better than living at home. It offers benefits for the person’s social life, wellness, and overall quality of life.

The difference between living at home and senior living

When in a senior living residential community, your loved one has 24-hour access to personal care. They are able to maintain their independence while being able to enjoy support, security, and social contact. This is an excellent step for those who require more help than their family members are able to offer, but do not require the 24/7 medical care that you may find in a nursing facility. These are the five reasons why this is a great option for your loved one.

Reason #1 – Help with activities of daily living

The burden of the activities of daily living (ADLs) typically falls on the family caregivers. This may include eating, dressing, and bathing. If there is no immediate family member near (or they are unwilling to assist), you need to consider the cost of a home care aide. Both of these options cause financial and personal strain on the family. With senior living Sacramento options, it is possible for someone to help with the ADLs.

Reason #2 – Supervised nutrition

supervising senior nutrition at home can be exceedingly difficult. It may not be appealing to cook for one, and whether your loved one is receiving their necessary nutrients can be difficult to monitor for family members. In these senior living facilities, residents are able to enjoy three meals a day. Not only that, but those meals are tailored to an older adult’s changing health needs.

Reason #3 – A safe living environment

You may need a wide range of home modifications if seniors want to remain at home safely. These may include medical alert systems and shower railings to name just two. The expenses of these can add up quickly. These senior living facilities are designed for accessibility and mobility. This provides rapid access to assistance and helps seniors avoid falls and accidents.

Reason #4 – Opportunities for social activity

It can be isolating to live at home, especially if the senior has limited mobility. When they are no longer working, it can be difficult to maintain social relationships. It is easy to socialize with peers in senior living facilities. Not only in the common areas, but also with the structured, planned activities like cultural events and others.

Reason #5 – Maintaining independence

Sometimes accepting a bit of help here and there means that someone is able to maintain one’s independence. Seniors in these facilities have a rewarding and active lifestyle, while simultaneously allowing them access to help if necessary. This can help improve family relationships and reduce everyone’s stress level. If you are interested in learning more about the different options, we highly recommend that you visit