Decorate the Space

Decorating the new residence promptly makes the move to a Carlton community less stressful. Every individual has a personal decorating style. They have a certain way they want their surroundings to look and feel, and Carlton communities give residents the freedom to decorate how they want. Add some style to the room by bringing familiar items and placing them throughout the space. However, this serves as only one of many ways a person can transition smoothly into a senior care community. 

Call It Home

People often talk about their new accommodations in general terms. They don’t refer to their new residence as home. This makes it harder to transition to the new living accommodations, as this move is not only a physical one. It requires a mental shift on the part of the individual, and words do matter. Make sure you refer to it as home from day one and you’ll find that it actually feels like home in very little time. 

Ask What is Permitted

Carlton senior living and assisted living communities put very few restrictions on their residents, but it is always a good idea to ask what is allowed in the residence. By speaking with staff members before making any changes to the space, you can decorate the area to meet your needs without finding yourself overstepping your bounds and causing issues when you first move in. It’s best to contact us to learn about any restrictions as times change. For example, new restrictions were put into place recently because of the global pandemic. We want our residents and anyone interested in transitioning to one of our communities to have the latest information, which is why we recommend you check with us before your visit or move-in date. 


Add bright pillows and throws on the couch or put a colorful rug down to brighten up the residence. Hang up paintings or other forms of art on the walls. These are only two of many ways you can add color to an area without altering the structure. We want you to be comfortable and will work with you to find those items that help you achieve that goal. 

Bring Items From Your Prior Residence

You can make your new residence feel like home by bringing some furniture from your old home when you make this move. It may be a couch you love, or you might bring the bed you sleep in. It may be that you have a book collection you love and enjoy returning to again and again. Bring this collection with you and display it in a prominent place. Being surrounded by familiar items brings your comfort and will help make the move easier. We even allow pets to move in with their owners, as we know how much your companion means to you. We don’t want you to have to leave them behind.


Sometimes, it may be hard to meet new people and make new friends when you move to a new place, and staff members at Carlton recognize this. They work to bring the residents together and engage in fun activities. Take advantage of these opportunities to mingle with others and make new friends. Companionship is of great importance as people age, and living with others in a group setting ensures individuals don’t end up isolated in their senior years. Take part in these activities from day one so you become more comfortable in your surroundings and have a place you love to call home. Our Personal Expressions program offers a range of activities, including support groups and events, to meet the needs of our residents. 

About Carlton Senior Living:

Tom MacDonald founded Carlton Senior Living while caring for his mom, as he recognized the need for new living options, such as independent living, for active seniors. The communities, like the senior living in Vallejo, function to meet the needs of the residents, although all communities put the residents first. We treat every individual residing in a Carlton Senior Living community with respect, compassion, and kindness at all times.