Memory Care Elk GroveAs the name suggests, memory care facilities are designed to help those who need a bit more help because of memory problems. These are tremendous facilities for those who have mild to moderate dementia, but would prefer not to relinquish their independence.

If you are going to compare a number of memory care Elk Grove facilities, you will want to make sure that you make the right choice for you or your loved one. This is a selection of the options that you should be aware of.

Secure areas

One of the differences with a memory care Elk Grove facility and traditional living facilities is the fact that the memory care facility is designed with a mild to moderate dementia patient in mind. Oftentimes this means that there is more security and supervision offered in these facilities.

The staff in these memory care facilities are accustomed to the poor safety awareness and impulsivity of those who struggle with memory-related issues. The staff is taught how to redirect the residents back to the appropriate location or activity humanely and respectfully.

Medication assistance

Those who are struggling with memory impairments may find that this is a vital component of their stay. These facilities help with the administration of medication. Those who suffer a cognitive decline will have an even more challenging time adhering to a specific schedule as far as their medication is concerned.

Having licensed nurses on staff can also help ensure compliance and it means that the staff is qualified to distribute doctor-prescribed medications. Having trained professionals available also means that they will be able to communicate a decrease in functional abilities or increase in behaviors and know that these cannot be because of missed medications.

Rehabilitation programs

While there is no cure for specific memory-related diseases, it is possible to alleviate symptoms associated with dementia and slow down the progression of this degenerative disease. Some of the programs that you may find here include occupational therapies, physical therapies, cognitive therapies, and sensory stimulation.

There has been a great deal of positive research for alternative therapies, including art therapies and music therapies. These can help reduce agitation, though there are no identifiable long-term benefits. Given that most of these programs and therapies take place in a group setting, it offers socialization and greater supervision of the residents.

Finding your right fit

If you are interested in learning more about memory care facilities, we highly recommend that you go to and find out what facilities and benefits may be available for you or your loved one.