Independent Senior Living San JoseIf you feel that living alone is no longer satisfying or safe, the question quickly turns to “Where now?” Sometimes it may be possible to modify the home in such a way that safety is no longer an issue, but you then still have to worry about the social decline that most seniors have to deal with. Alternatively, many opt for an independent senior living San Jose option. There are many different senior care options, and these all offer varying degrees of service.

Independent senior living is for everyone

Many seniors opt for one of the independent senior living San Jose options when they do not necessarily need the care and want to continue living alone – but still want to be able to cultivate social connections in a larger community. Residents do not have to worry about the burdens of upkeep or maintenance, but still have the benefits of living in their own home. In addition, they also have access to amenities like activities or dining.

Myths about independent senior living

There is some confusion about independent senior living, which is why we are clearing up a number of the different myths related to this option:

  • You lose independence – You still have your own space, but you do not have the hassle. You have your own independence and privacy. You decide how you spend your day and whom you spend it with. You will feel secure and at home in your own environment.
  • No one will be around – Most people feel that moving away from their family means that they will be isolated, but this is not the case. Many of these independent living facilities have security and safety measures with a 24-hour staff. This can help alleviate the fears of living alone. If you need someone to help you, features are in place for someone to respond quickly.
  • Say goodbye to your hobbies – Oftentimes moving to an independent living facility means that people are MORE active than when they were living alone, not less. Oftentimes you can find book clubs, cards, bingo, and fitness programs. Studies show that people who are engaged and active are both happier and healthier.

Making the best choice

When going through your different housing options, it is important to consider the current and future needs of your loved one. Do they suffer from a chronic condition that could require special care or are they healthy? Do they need moments of solitude to help them recharge their batteries, or do they draw their energy from a vibrant social life?

It is important to find tailored senior housing options that offer the care that they need and deserve. That is why we have a wide range of independent senior living San Jose options available at If you have any questions, make sure that you visit the website and go through the options, we will be happy to help.