Letters to Grandpa

Community Writing Project

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing for all of us to experience. Sometimes it’s a song or a picture, or even a phrase that someone says. It’s that trigger that instantly emotionally connects us with a heartfelt memory of years past, making us feel like we’re at that very moment in time. Nostalgia is youthful, keeping many of us connected with friends and family, and is the “good stuff” we talk about over the holidays, reunions and the like. But as the years pass, often times we miss opportunities to share these moments with the ones we care about the most: our aging loved ones.

We’re accepting submissions for our ongoing community writing series, Letters to Grandpa, where we feature letters from loved ones to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and other elders who have impacted their lives. We anticipate a very mixed bag of emotions. For many this will bring tears of joy and sadness, others closure and peace. Story telling is an important piece of each of our history, and we look forward to reading and sharing yours.

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