Dogs and cats reduce seniors’ stress and depression

Studies show that seniors who own and care for a cat or dog tend to be healthier, less prone to stress or depression and often function better physically than those who do not. That’s why pets are welcome, considered a wellness benefit and encouraged at Carlton Senior Living communities.

We’ve found that your pets, especially cats and dogs, are a valuable source of social support for seniors, particularly those who might otherwise feel somewhat isolated. Having a pet is a great conversation starter, in fact, and can lead to more social interaction with other community residents.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is another alternative for seniors who cannot provide full time care for a pet of their own. Therapy dogs, when properly trained, can provide unconditional attention and affection, which has been shown to be especially beneficial for seniors with depression or dementia.

With all these benefits of pet ownership, Carlton welcomes and understands why so many seniors prefer to move in with their four-legged friends.