Nursing Home Alternative Sacramento Happy Senior CitizenIf you are seeking a nursing home alternative in Sacramento, you may want to consider an assisted living facility. This residential option for seniors allows residents to get help with daily living while still maintaining a sense of independence. A few of the things that residents may receive help with include traveling to appointments, keeping their home neat and tidy, getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and cooking meals.

When is an assisted living facility a good choice?

It may be good to look at an assisted living facility as a nursing home alternative in Sacramento if you do not want the round-the-clock supervision and medical care of a nursing home, but want more personal care services than offered at home or an independent living retirement community. Because help is only a phone call away, most residents feel comfortable when staying at these facilities.

Is it right for you?

If you are determining whether a nursing home alternative in Sacramento is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need more help than friends and family can provide? – Sometimes the daily activities can become overwhelming and stressful. Assisted living may be an option if in-home help or family members are unable to bridge the gap.
  • Do you feel isolated or lonely? – It is important for seniors that they have an active social life. This is true for both their overall happiness and their physical and mental health. One of the largest benefits of a nursing home alternative in Sacramento is the social aspect of assisted living.
  • Are you tired of keeping your home? – Living in your own home comes with many responsibilities. You can enjoy a home-like atmosphere at these assisted living facilities, without needing to do laundry, shop for groceries, cleaning, or cooking.
  • Are you worried about safety? – It may be difficult to get in and out of bed if your mobility is limited. Perhaps you have become afraid of what might happen if you were to fall down and could not get back up. At these facilities, you know that there is always someone nearby.

Finding the right facility for you

Those who find themselves in a transitional stage of aging may find that assisted living centers offer the ideal housing arrangement for their situation. If constant supervision or care is not needed but living alone is proving to be too much, residents find that this nursing home alternative in Sacramento can be remarkable. The control and autonomy that residents have in their day-to-day lives makes all the difference. We invite you to browse through the different options at to see what might be right for you.