A patient living with dMemory Care San Joseementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or a number of other memory problems is going to have specific needs for long-term care. Before you select a long-term memory care San Jose facility, it is important that you ask a number of questions to ensure your loved one’s safety, comfort, and care.

When trying to find the right memory care San Jose facility, questions about services and costs may spring to mind. However, there are a few important other factors that you need to consider. Keep in mind that memory care is not the same as assisted living, it is specialized skilled nursing. These communities tend to have higher care costs, primarily because these residents need more personalized attention. Typical services include assistance with daily living tasks, medical monitoring, and 24-hour supervised care.

Questions to ask

When looking around for memory care communities, chances are that you will have a few personal favorites. It is highly recommend that you take a tour of each of these facilities and be critical of what you are seeing. Ask yourself whether this facility is the right fit for your loved one. These are a handful of questions that we believe are important to ask any memory care facility.

  • What is the level of training that the staff has enjoyed?
  • What is the level of care that you can expect from this community?
  • What should you expect to pay for housing and care every month? Are there any services not included in that fee?
  • Do you offer semi-private or private rooms? If both options are available, how do prices differ?
  • Realistically speaking, what is the level of personal assistance that a resident should expect?
  • Is there a particular policy for handling medical emergencies?
  • Given that this is a care memory facility, how is the community secured?
  • How often is laundry service and housekeeping provided?
  • Are there programs available (social, physical therapy, and exercise programs)?
  • What meals are offered? Is it possible to accommodate for special dietary requests?
  • Does the facility group the residents by cognitive level?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents during the day? What about at night?

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