California seniors want to find incredible homes during retirement. Downsizing is often beneficial for seniors and could give them more affordable housing in a beautiful locale. Communities offered by Carlton Senior Living in California offer exceptional apartments and units designed specifically for seniors. The communities have on-site features such as clubhouses, swimming pools, recreational areas, and restaurants. Seniors review the communities to find elegant homes that accommodate their needs. Whether they need independent, assisted living, or memory care, the seniors find the best setting for retirement and beyond. Reviewing the reasons to live in a Carlton senior community helps seniors find the best new home for their needs. 

Private Apartments for Seniors 

Each resident receives their own apartment in the community and has the utmost privacy. The apartments are carefully appointed and designed for senior living. The living areas are spacious and residents can get up to two bedrooms that allow for guests to visit them often. Apartments come with full kitchens, stylish living rooms, and ample storage space. The units allow seniors to feel at home, and they can decorate their homes however they choose. 

Daily Housekeeping Services

The community staff provides daily housekeeping services for seniors in independent and assisted living units. They clean the units or rooms, do the resident’s laundry, clean all surfaces, and vacuum or mop the flooring. The cleaning staff manages all the everyday cleaning requirements for the seniors, and the seniors can relax and enjoy their lives without the stress of keeping house. Seniors can request additional cleaning services any time they want. They can also request deep cleaning when they have visitors coming over. 

Transportation for All Residents

Residents may need a lift to doctor’s appointments and around town. These senior communities provide dedicated transportation for all seniors and ensure a safe trip anywhere they want to go. All drivers are screened to lower any risks to seniors, and the community staff ensures that all independent living seniors can come and go as they please. They reserve cars whenever the senior wants to go somewhere such as shopping, local restaurants, and even visiting local tourist attractions. 

The Best Senior Community in California

Carlton Senior Living provides seniors with the full array of services within our communities. We offer assisted living, independent living, and memory care opportunities as well as access to nursing homes and respite services. Seniors and their families set up tours of the retirement communities any time, and they make their selections according to what is cost-effective and means their needs. Carlton gives seniors everything they need for a happier and healthier life. The communities give them opportunities to make new friends and socialize whenever the residents want. When choosing the right Carlton community, the seniors reserve their apartment or assisted living unit by contacting their preferred location’s office. 

Delectable Meals and Snacks Whenever Seniors Prefer

Each community offers incredible dining opportunities including restaurants and cafes. These establishments are there to serve the seniors and provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals aren’t the standard bland diet that seniors may expect. The cooks provide a variety of delicious meals with exceptional cuisine choices. The active senior living communities may also provide on-site healthy snacks that promote a healthier lifestyle. Seniors won’t feel like they are in a restricted living situation, and they can get snacks and beverages any time that they prefer. Seniors choose their own meals and aren’t restricted to the foods selected for them, and they can eat on their own schedule. 

Social Events for Seniors and Their New Friends

Carlton senior communities host a wide array of social events for the residents and give them plenty of opportunities to cultivate new friends. Newcomers need an outlet that makes it easier to make friends in their new community. It is often stressful to move to a new area especially if the individual doesn’t know anyone. Attending the social events helps the seniors spend time with like-minded individuals who have the same interests. They form lasting friendships with other residents of their community, and seniors live happier lives. It’s vital for seniors to have every opportunity to socialize to keep them from feeling lonely in their new homes. 

One-of-A-Kind Staff for the Community

The staff at the Carlton communities are remarkable individuals that make seniors feel welcome and attend to senior care. All medical staff is trained properly and offer help to residents. The independent living communities have on-site nurses that attend to sudden emergencies, and all units have panic buttons if seniors need help.

The Carlton assisted living communities provide a full staff who address the needs of the patients. These individuals have progressive or terminal conditions that require around the clock care. The lovely staff ensures that all patients take their medications as directed by their doctors, and the seniors get nutritious meals that keep them nourished and healthy. All communities screen their staff carefully and ensure that they are well-trained, have experience with geriatric care, and do not pose any risks to the residents. 

Group Outings for Everyone

Carlton Senior Living communities sponsor group outings for residents to give them an opportunity to visit incredible locales together. The outings are scheduled ahead of time to give residents time to make arrangements in their community. Some communities work together to pay for popular outings each year. They are a wonderful way to give seniors unique experiences and travel more during retirements. The state of California provides amazing attractions that offer entertainment and the chance to learn about different cultures. 

Seniors search for the most appealing community home that offers everything they want for retirement. Carlton senior communities meet the needs of all seniors whether they can live independently or they need assistance. Each community offers a lovely home and adequate privacy. Residents have access to all on-site amenities including swimming pools, hot tubs, restaurants, cafes, and clubhouses. Transportation services are provided to help seniors go to the doctor, salons, and even shopping if they’d like. A full staff is available to all residents and provides compassionate care for all residents. Examining all the great reasons for choosing a Carlton community shows seniors what the area has to offer them.