Senior Care San Leandro Caring Doctor Senior WomanRetirement years are often looked upon as dull, boring or difficult due to health troubles and lesser vigor. However, at Carlton Living we make sure that your retirement years in the lovely suburb of San Leandro become the best years of your life. By becoming a part of our joyful senior living community, you will experience comfort, happiness and peace the way you have always wanted.

Old Years are YOUR Golden Years – Senior Care San Leandro

Senior Care San Leandro has been designed to ensure that your retirement years are full of comfort and peace, and not inconvenience and sadness. We offer beautiful and spacious homes that have been designed to ensure that you are able to perform your daily tasks comfortably and enjoy visits from your kids and friends happily. Apart from homes, you also get easy access to library, meditation room, health clinic and fitness center so that you never have to fret or worry about driving far to avail any facility. You can sit back and relax in your home in peace or have fun with other senior members. Our active senior living community regularly plans exciting trips and other activities so that your days are filled with laughter, joy and new memories.

Special Care for A Special YOU – Senior Care San Leandro

We understand that senior years can be difficult on your health. Hence, we have made sure that nurses and physician are just a call away from you. As an extended part of Senior Care San Leandro, we also provide assisted living facility wherein you can opt for a caretaker who will take care of you all the time, will drive you wherever you want, will do the chores for you and will take care of your needs. You can also have a chef to cook healthy and delicious meals for you. The staff will do your laundry and clean your house on a regular basis so that you can live in comfort and let your body heal.

We also have Senior Care San Leandro services for those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or Diabetes. These ailments require special care and attention and we are committed to ensure that you are taken care of in the best possible. You need not worry about making frequent trips to the hospital for your treatment as we have made sure that the medical services are brought to you instead. We also run an ambulance so that we can take our members to the nearest medical care facility in case of emergencies.

We don’t want you to move in, we want you to move home!