Carlton Senior Living, with a focus on person-centered care, has purposefully built our Memory Care Communities to do just that, care for the individual person. Our Memory Care program is founded on these four pillars: Dignity, Imagination, Sensory, and Choice. These pillars promote autonomy and respect for all of our residents, their families and our staff. We encourage you to come feel how our dedicated approach makes a difference in living with Dementia.

We are proud of the programs we have implemented to assist our residents in having the optimal experience.

  • Safely You, fall prevention technology that has already reduced resident falls by 31%
  • Person Centered Approach
  • Signature Programs- our fail free approach to programming and engagement
    • Quarterly Creations
    • SingFit
    • Candlelight Dinners – an opportunity for our residents and families to engage in a unique themed culinary experience together.
    • Time Slips
    • Drum Circle – through music and rhythm our residents are encouraged to channel their creative energy in a welcoming group environment.
    • Poetry Circle – through unique interpretation our residents join together to create a physical representation of a poem selected.
    • Alive Inside
    • Live 2 B Healthy – customized fitness programs with certified trainers for seniors.
    • Community pets
    • Dementia support group (for families)
    • Dakim BrainFitness– clinically-proven, evidence-based brain-training program specially created to help seniors to improve and protect their brain health.
  • Extensive Hands on Dementia training for all staff

We welcome you to come visit any of our Memory Care communities and see what sets us apart.

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