jyoti-128Full Name: Jyoti Kumar Nagina
Works At: Carlton Senior Living Sacramento
Year started in Senior industry: 2014
Hometown: Suva, Fiji Islands
(916) 799-4013
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Why the senior industry:

A change of interest to develop a new level of patience and understanding of those unique needs.

What you love about Carlton Senior Living:

Working with Residents has been an absolute pleasure. The ability to create that bond with residents and getting to understand them better by just keeping everything aside and giving a 100% attention to them and their conversation. I love the fact that I am able to help potential residents with specific needs and wants making them whether it be on a tour or an inquiry call.

The reward of helping a needy resident is incredible. To see the change that I make in their life in the transition of moving from their homes, SNF’s or the hospital to our community is truly a gift that comes with this job.
Carlton Senior Living is family owned and involved and truly makes you a part of their family. The staff and the management team is excellent!

I feel honored working with my Sacramento Carlton Family!

Hobbies or interest:

Travelling, Reading( facts and business marketing articles) Music, Cycling, Swimming etc…!

Special note or message:

Pick one thing and get it done today!

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