Lauren Michelle PowellFull Name: Lauren Michelle Powell
Works At: Carlton Senior Living San Jose
Year started in Senior industry: 2005
Hometown: Lacombe, Louisiana
(408) 972-1400
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Why the senior industry:

I’ve had a passion for seniors since I was a child, volunteering in nursing homes from a very young age. It takes a nurturer and a listener to create a clear picture and vision for the future of your community. I take ownership of my prospects like they would be my own family member. I do not call my work a job because I love what I do!

What you love about Carlton Senior Living:

I love the people! Every single associate has a caring gene that emanates throughout the community to help residents feel comfortable in their new home.

Hobbies or interest:

I am a U-Jam Fitness Trainer/Coach/Presenter. I absolutely love teaching group fitness classes and have been an instructor for 13 years.

Special note or message:

There is never a right or perfect time to move a loved one. Usually when I meet with families they come to me at the latter stage and tell me they should have made a decision 2 years ago. The fortuanate part is they did make the decision before it was too late and now their loved one will be able to experience all that a retirement community has to offer! My satisfaction comes from the families happiness when their loved one has moved and their health and well-being becomes a positive rather then a negative.

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