Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner Pleasant Hill
Year started in Senior industry: 2011
Hometown: Lacombe, Louisiana
(925) 287-8750
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What you love about CSL/Chateaus:

I really love that we are a local, family-owned company. We not only hire employees that have that ‘caring’ gene, but our owner has it as well and sets the example for all! I love the stability and experience we have at the communities and the display of professionalism at all levels.

Why the senior industry:

Ever since I was a little child, I loved being around the elderly! I would love spending time with them and hearing their wonderful life stories and experiences. What steered me towards this industry was the experience I was going through personally with my own parents. I soon learned that not every care environment is the same and what meant the most to me and our family was that they were in the hands of people who truly loved them, were compassionate, patient and made them feel safe!

Hobbies or interest:

I enjoy sports, especially golf, baseball and football as well as desktop video editing. I also enjoy challenging myself to a new skill which has lately been learning to loom knit and crochet. I’m always interested in searching for applications that may help us communicate when a loved one no longer can verbalize their needs.

Special note or message:

When making promises to your loved ones before they turn elderly or challenged with unfortunate diseases, keep in mind that keeping them in their own home may not be the best place for them! Educate yourself and research your options to find the right fit for their care and social needs. Even when they may not be able to communicate their needs, they still have the desire, need and right to live their life with dignity.

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