Senior Living Davis Carlton Plaza Davis ExteriorAs you advance in years and you want a secure and nice senior center for your old age, you are probably thinking of a center for independent living. Probably you have an elderly family member and you cannot take proper care of her or him, since you have a daily job, so you are looking for a retirement home with good senior service. If you are interested in a senior center in Davis, California, or anywhere near the area, you should consider us. Carlton Senior Living Davis, a center for independent living and assisted living, has just opened. Carlton Plaza is a comfortable and safe senior center for the elderly. We offer senior service for senior citizens and for those who live with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Center for Independent Living and Assisted Living – Senior Living Davis

Senior Living Davis Carlton Plaza Davis StaffThe senior center is equipped with everything our elderly residents might need. It consists of 120 apartments where our new residents can live independently or they can have nurses who help them with their daily activities. The senior center also has a large central country yard.

We provide professional senior care for elderly people with the most diverse needs. We have a staff of licensed vocational nurses who help the residents with health maintenance and medication. Our qualified nurses are reliable, devoted, conscientious, and empathic. We are not only a center for independent living, we also offer senior care for those who need it: our nurses help with grooming, bathing, dressing, and medication. Our senior service also includes diabetes management, on-site physical therapy, and post-operative care. We provide memory care for those who live with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We provide room service for minor health issues. Our staff is ready to take care of the residents around the clock, and we have an emergency call system.

Life in the Senior Center in Davis, California – Senior Living Davis

Senior Living Davis Carlton Plaza Davis BedroomWe are a center for independent living and good quality assisted living, we provide outstanding senior service for our patients. We have a supportive community as well as gifted caretakers. We provide tasty and healthy food for our residents, they can select from a rich variety of menus, including diabetic-friendly diets. Our residents can consume their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any time of the day. We even have Carlton Café, which is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The staff maintains the residents’ apartments, they provide housekeeping and linen service as well as personal laundry service. Our residents have individual heating and air conditioning controls in their respective rooms. The bathrooms are equipped with low step and roll-in showers.

Since we are a center for independent living as well as assisted living, and we care about our residents’ well-being, we take care of their entertainment needs. We provide a schedule of activities and events, and our residents have access to cable television and Internet. They can visit our library that offers scores of amazing books, classic and entertaining literature alike. The residents can gather in our spacious, tastefully furnished living room which boasts a grand piano, big screen for movies, and a stage for professional entertainers. The residents can use private dining rooms for family events.

If the residents want to venture out of the senior center, they can find restaurants, shopping and entertainment alternatives in downtown Davis, California.

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