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Senior Living Lifestyle | January 5, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Different Ways of Keeping Fit with Senior Exercise

Different Ways of Keeping Fit with Senior ExerciseExercise is considered important for maintaining good health at any age, and so seniors are no exception to this rule. It may be necessary for senior citizens to take professional medical advice before starting on an exercise regime, but once that is done, there are a lot of low impact exercises that can help the seniors to keep up to their good health by strengthening and stretching their muscles. Low impact exercises also help those who have lived beyond the age of 50, 60 or even 70 to reduce their stress, lower hypertension and prevent injuries those that happen due to losing balance.

Although there are several gyms which caters to the fitness needs of the seniors, but to be truthful, one does not always need a gym to perform low impact exercises in order to remain fit. Never the less there are low impact exercise classes for seniors while one may prefer to get their workouts done in front of an instructor, others may prefer doing exercise outdoor which not only helps in reaping the exercise’s health benefits, but also caters to a little bit of additional open air fun.

The low impact exercises which are ideal for healthy senior belonging to 50 plus age group falls under four categories, these are: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Balance. So instead of doing one exercise everyday, its best to mix and match the exercises  and create a well-rounded exercise routine, that helps to reduce the risk of injury or save us from getting bored within a short span of time.

For example, while walking, swimming, cycling, light weight training or water aerobics are excellent exercises that focus on endurance and strength; yoga and Tai Chi is great ways to improve upon flexibility and balance. Apart from these gardening is another splendid form of senior exercise as spending time in the garden is indeed an enjoyable activity. Watering plants, digging in the dirt, weeding and other similar kind of gardening works activates the lean muscles in our body. By gardening, one not only gains a better overall health, but also watches their sweet sweat’s pay off with beautiful vegetables, flowers and fruits with routine tendering of the plants.

While gardening, if the seniors feel too much of a strain while they are bending or squatting on the ground, it is best to use a stool or plant plants on a raised bed, so that one can avoid kneeling frequently on the soil.  Wearing light clothing along with a hat, drinking plenty of water and gardening during the cooler hours of the day are certain useful advices that all seniors must follow while enjoying this wonderful traditional outdoor exercise.

Tai Chi is another meditative oriental exercise that does improve balance, strength and flexibility among the seniors. However, to learn the basics of this exercise which flows slowly from one pose to another, all of us need training before one can do in on their own. While this exercise which focuses on breathing techniques, helps in reducing stress , it also helps in improving concentration and is ideal for seniors as it is gentle on the joints and is perfect for seniors who are overweight or those who suffer from age related hip and knee problems.

Last but not the least playing golf over the weekends in another more than just a fun way to keep fit, socialize and even make new friends. Though it was earlier known as a man’s game, but now a day, a lot senior women are also getting into this exciting sport, and it is indeed never too late to let adventure and excitement to rule our lives even in later stages.