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Carlton Senior Living Davis | March 9, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Serve It Up with Chef Andrew

Did you know that today is National Meatball day? Meatballs are a mystery regarding who and how they were created. According to some, the meatball could have originated in Persia where it was speculated that the need to do something with leftover meat led to a dish called “kofta.” From Persia it is thought that the meatball phenomenon spread throughout the Middle East and hence to China.

For us today, there are more meatball recipes than anyone can keep track of, but with a multitude of options comes vast flavor possibilities! Our very own Chef Andrew Moret from Carlton Senior Living Davis shares with us a Greek Lamb Meatball recipe that is a more modern take on the famous meatball.

You may be thinking, lamb, for a meatball? But yes we are suggesting lamb because of the incredible health benefits it can provide to us. Lamb is known to have eight health benefits based on its nutrition alone! Not only is it an excellent energy source it also is high in calcium content which helps our bodies to maintain bone health, strengthen bones and strive to prevent disruptions or bone abnormalities.

It may be surprising to learn that lamb is high in protein which helps to build muscle and increase fat binding and digestion. Lamb has a very high content of phosphorus which helps to maintain bone health similar to that of calcium. Another advantage of lamb is that it contains Selenium which can serve to produce the body’s antioxidant benefits.

Regarding vitamin nutrition, lamb contains high levels of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B1 helps with our body’s oxidation process to maintain resilience and prevent the occurrence of scaly or dry skin. Vitamin B2 helps us to continue endurance, nerve health, improve immune systems and maintain healthy eyes. Vitamin B12 focuses on the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia.

For additional flavor and Greek flare try adding into your dish kalamata olives and tzatziki sauce!
We invite you to try this recipe on your own and share with us your thoughts and own renditions of it!