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Senior Living Lifestyle | February 29, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities? There Is An App For That!

care-workerIn order to help seniors improve care at assisted living facilities and help them take control of their daily health, researchers from the University of Notre Dame have developed a special app for computer tablets and smartphones. The new app allows doctors or caregivers to communicate with their older patients electronically. This makes it possible for seniors to track their own health, keep track of their updates, and make it easy to voice concerns. The eSeniorCare app is going to help seniors become more active in their own care.

How The App Works

The first way that the app works is through the functions Medication Adherence and

Medication Scheduling and Management. These will help doctors monitor patients remotely. This means that fewer doctor’s visits are needed. It is possible to the daily medicine intake without actually needing to be in the doctor’s office. If they DO need an appointment, the app can help schedule one.

Another way that the app works is because it allows people to monitor important health metrics and track their own health. The Observations of Daily Living function makes it possible to set goals and/or record daily progress. Perhaps your goal is to eat less sugar or less fat – the app makes it possible to determine whether you are reaching your goals or how close you are.

This makes the entire process more tangible for those seniors who live alone. It provides a different type of incentive that allows people to make progress and helps them become more engaged with their own health.

How The App Is Different

Unlike some of the other apps already on the market, this app does more than just track data. As previously mentioned, it allows seniors to be engaged with their own health. This is not just beneficial for seniors, it is good for the caregivers as well.

If everything is adequately logged in the app, caregivers are able to see where they need to spend a little more time and where people are receiving adequate attention. Having someone help monitor their daily health is going to be exceedingly useful to medical professionals.

At the same time, it helps seniors feel more responsible and more independent. Overall, the developer of the app hopes that it will not only have health benefits, but also strengthen the relationship between caregiver and patient.