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Senior Living Lifestyle | June 15, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

“The Kiss” Project

Quarterly Creation Memory Care Projects

The Quarterly Creation Project was created at Carlton Senior Living with the intent to offer our residents in the Memory Care communities the opportunity to give and create an interpretation of their own regarding a renowned painting or photograph. This project allows the residents to be more than just a part of the creation, they lead it from beginning discussions, to the interpretation of it and the direction in which they wish to display how they view it. All aspects of the projects are hand crafted or chosen by residents from the people characterized in it or the message of it, each one reflective of that given communities unique viewpoint.

For the first quarter of this year, January through March, they were shown the iconic photograph to the right known as either “V-J Day” or “The Kiss” that showcases a photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt portraying a U.S. Navy Sailor grabbing and kissing a stranger, a woman in a white dress, on the Victory over Japan Day in New York City’s Times Square on August 14th, 1945.

First up is our Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community memory care took a recent scenic drive to the USS Hornet Boat to experience the culture and history that it has to offer. It was the perfect backdrop to create their interpretation of the quarterly creation image. See below for their experience honoring the image and the historical landmark.

Next our Carlton Senior Living Davis community memory care took a SHOT literally at re-creating the image with their own unique photographs of the residents, families and staff. Each photo was carefully chosen and placed over the original image to signify a new creation of their own.






In the northern region our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community memory care upon seeing the photograph were inspired to find a way to recreate the image. Inquisitive minds wondered what the young sailor and beautiful woman would look like today and they were intrigued to find a way to show a glimpse of that couple as individuals now and to take a step back into that world. Below is their final creation of truly “dressing the part.”

To the right, our Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove community memory care saw the photo and beyond the couple who is the focus point, the residents wondered what those around the couple were thinking and doing on that historical day. They found a way to bring that vision to life by showcasing the scene with an emphasis on the crowd surrounding, “the kiss.”






Below, the residents at our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community memory care saw an immediate connection between the photograph and their past lives of love and reminiscing on that emotion. The word and emotion LOVE quickly was identified by the residents to stand for the following; L signified life; their relationships, children, families, O signified living with an open heart; resident’s of different cultural background and resident’s with mixed families, the V signified our veterans and the E signified everlasting; for our residents and loved ones who are no longer with us.

When the residents at our Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner memory care saw the image they didn’t understand why we would want to recreate an image that has occurred already and is beautiful in time as it is. Instead they desired to host a “welcome home” party for everyone coming home after the war. A good party means having great food, drinks and social connections. Allowing us a new chance to be thankful to have those around us.

The last, but certainly not least creation that we are honored to share is the story that was written by our Carlton Senior Living San Jose community memory care residents. They saw this man and woman, unnamed and unknown and created the story of them meeting, “the kiss” and life after war. We hope you will enjoy reading their story below….

All submissions and content was provided individually by the residents and staff of our memory cares.